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What effects on the fetus is associated with maternal use of heroin/opiates during pregnancy?what should these children be monitored for?

increase risk of:fetal growth restrictionplacental abruptionfetal deathpreterm laborintrauterine passage of meconiuminfants should be monitored for NEONATAL ABSTINENCE SYNDROME (uncoordinated sucking reflex = poor feeding, irritability, high pitched cry)


what is the cause: 3 day old infantlarge bump on headscleral icterus, abdominal jaundiceswelling over parietal bone - does not cross suture lines



what is the best tx for osgood-schlatter disease?



What is the caloric requirement for most 1. healthy babies2. preterm babies3. VLBW (very low birth weight) infants = <1500gin the first 1 to 2 months of life?

1. 100 cal/kg/day2. 115 to 130 cal/kg/day3. 150 cal/kg/day


when does a child double their birth length?

4 years of age


what is the Ballard Assessment tool?

uses signs of neurologic and physical maturity to estimate gestational age


For a 18 month old child what are the milestones for:1. gross motor2. fine motor3. language4. social/adaptive

1. walks alone, may climb stairs/runs, can help undress2. drinks from cup/spoon, make tower of 2 cubes3. 6 words in vocabulary4. points to show what he wants, shakes head no


What is the disease:5 year old with newly discovered cardiac murmur. elfin facies, mild retardationwhat kind of cardiac defect?

Williams-Beuren syndrome - also HTN, short statusBicuspid Aortic Valve--aortic regurg--aortic stenosis develops 40s-50s


For a 6 month old child what are the milestones for:1. gross motor2. fine motor3. language4. social/adaptive

1. rolls over, sits unsupported, no head lag when pulled to sit from supine2. reaches for objects, looks for dropped items3. turns to voice, babbles4. feeds self, demonstrates stranger recognition (prelude to stranger anxiety)


What is the most likely inborn error of metabolism in a 2 day old infant with severe metabolic acidosis?

Glutathione synthetase deficiency--severe metabolic acidosis+ jaundice+ hemolytic anemia


what is the infective agent:7 year old w low grade fever, headache, pruritic rash. Rash began on cheeks, spread to trunk and extremities. Physical exam shows maculopapular rash w lacy, reticulated appearance

Erythema infectiosum - parvovirus B19


cal/mL for 20 cal formula?

0.67 cal/mL


Neonate IV fluids +/- feeds

Increase 20-30 mL/kg/day until 150-160 mL/kg/dayDay 1: 60-80 mL/kg/dayDay 2: 80-100 mL/kg/dayDay 3: ...etc...60+(20day)= max limit


What is dz and defect?Tall 10 year old, arachnodactyly, ligamentous laxity, pectus excavatum

Marfan syndrome - fibrillin


what is the etiology:infant born w part of small bowel protruding from abdomen to the right of the umbilicus.

Gastroschisis---involution of the second umbilical vein


how old is the child:Child says "mama" and "dada" w meaning, follows one-step commands, shows objects to parents to share interest.plays interactive games (peekaboo, waves bye bye). points to desired object

12 months


What electrolyte abnormalities is most often seen in infants of diabetic mothers?



what is the dx?1 month old with head circumference > 100th percentile. mother had no prenatal care. Macrocephaly w no other dysmorphic features. Transillumination of the head is positive.



cal/mL for 24 cal formula?

0.80 cal/mL


What will a coin appear like in an AP CXR if in the 1. esophagus2. trachea

1. Round -- The coin will face you2. Linear -- You are looking at the coins edge. A Sagital CXR needed to see the front/back of the coin.


Identify the pathogen:12 day old infant w bilateral eye discharge. conjunctival injection, lid swelling, scant mucopurulent discharge. no rashes

chlamydia trachomatis


What are the two most prevalent causes of acute otitis media?

Streptococcus pneumoniaeHaemophilus influenzae, nontypeable


Fluid management for neonate

Based on weight until day 7Feeding q 3 hours


What is the definition of Small of Gestational age?

Less than 10% for Birth WeightAt Term = <2500gAt 37 wk = <2000gAt 34 wk = <1500gAt 31 wk = <1000gAt 24 wk = <500g


What are the components of the HEADS adolescent screen?

H-homeE-education/employment/eating disorderA-activities/alcoholD-drugs/depressionS-safety/sex/suicide


What are the components of an APGAR score?

Appearance (skin color)Pulse (heart rate)Grimace (reflex irritability)Activity (muscle tone)Respiration


What congenital heart defect results in a biscuspid aortic valve and patent ductus arteriosus? neonate has recurrent epistaxis

Coarctation of the aortaa/w--bicuspid aortic valve--persistent ductus arteriosus--ventricular septal defect


What is the current guideline for intrapartum antimicrobial prophylaxis against Group B Strep?

If the mother is in labor with ruptured membranes and one of the following is present:G -- Gone -- Unknown StatusB -- Before -- Prev infant infected w/ invasive GBSS -- Soon -- During pregnancy: + bacteriuria, + vag-rec cultureDuring Labor: Premature delivery, ROM >18hrs, +GBS PCR, Maternal Fever


cal/mL for D10 formula?

0.34 cal/mL


Neonate “feeds only” amount per day

Increase 30 mL/kg/day until 150-160 mL/kg/dayDay 1: 30 mL/kg/dayDay 2: 60 mL/kg/dayDay 3: ...etc...30day=max limit