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palmar grasp reflex

newborn-5-6 months
-object placed in palm fingers will tighten around it


babinski reflex

newborn through adulthood
-babies until 24 months-toes fan out (normal)
-adults-downward response (normal)


moro reflex

newborn until 4-5 months
-sudden loss of support
-arms flail with crying


parachute reflex

newborn until 3-4 months
when falling forward will place hands out to break fall


tonic neck reflex

arm and leg bent on same side
newborn- 6 mo


stepping reflex

newborn-2 months
baby will attempt to walk when placing hand at bottom of feet


suck reflex

newborn-4 months
stimulate roof of month baby will latch and suck


rooting reflex

newborn-4 months
touch baby's cheek and head turned with mouth opened


tanner scale

scale based on sexual characteristics (breast, genitalia, etc)
-scale can be used to determine treatment regimen


tanner scale phases
male genitals

I: 14 ya, test vol.>20 ml, penis length 15 cm


tanner scale
female breasts

I: 15 ya, full size breasts, areola returns to contour of breast with projecting central papilla


tanner scale
pubic hair

I: 15, hair extends to medial surface


ages for developmental stages

newborn: infant-12 months
toddler: 12-36 months
preschool: 3-5 ya
school age: 5-12
adolescent: 12-18
young adult: 18-30
adult: 30+


parachute reflex

newborn until 3-4 months
when falling forward will place hands out to break fall


tonic neck reflex

arm and leg bent on same side
newborn- 6 mo


2 month denver scale

gross: lift head, head up 45
language: vocalize
fine motor: follow past midline
personal/social: smile spontaneously


4 month denver scale

gross: sit head steady, roll over, pull to sit without head lag
language: turn to sound/voice
fine: follow 180
personal/social: regard own hand


6 month denver scale

gross: sit no support
language: single syllables, imitate sounds
fine: reaches, rake raisin, pass cube
personal: work for toy, feed self


9 month denver scale

gross: stand while holding on, pull to stand, get to sitting
language: dada/mama specific, jabbers, combines syllables
fine: thumb finger grasp, bangs 2cubes together
personal: wave bye, indicates wants, plays patty cake


12 months denver scale

gross: stand alone, stoop and recover, walk
language: 1-2 words
fine: put block in cup
personal: drink from cup, play ball, imitate activities


18 months denver scale

gross: walk up steps, run, kick ball
language: 6+ words, combine words, point 2 pictures
fine: scribble, tower of 4 cubes
personal: use spoon or fork, feed doll, help in house, remove clothes


24 months denver scale

gross: jump, throw ball overhand
language: speech half understandable, name 6 body parts
fine: tower 6 cubes
personal: put on clothes, brush teeth with help, wash and dry hands


3 years denver scale

gross: broad jump, balance each foot 1 second
language: speech understandable, know 2 adjectives, know 1 color, 2 actions, use of 2 objects
fine: imitate vertical line, tower of 8 cubes, thumb wiggle
personal: play board game, get dressed without help, brush teeth no help


4 years denver scale

gross: balance 1 foot 4-5 seconds, hop
language:define 4 words, name 4 colors, know 3 adjectives
fine: pick longer line, draw person, copy circle
personal: same as 3