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How is the iliolumbar ligament palpated?

- Roll off posterior edge of iliac crest
- Find L4/ L5 interspace
- Move down to L5, and palpate back towards the iliac crest
- Palpate rope like ligament


How can the PSIS be distinguished from fatty deposits in the low back?

- Pt standing
- Pt flexes hip causing anterior pelvic rotation
- PSIS will slip under the palpation finger
- Fatty nodules will not move


How is the sacral sulcus palpated?

- Drop medially and inferiorly from the PSIS into the deep sacral sulcus.


How is the inferor lateral angle of the sacrum palpated?

- Palpate along the sacral sulci
- When the innominate turns continue downwards and feel for the angle


How is the piriformis palpated?

- Make a T of the greater trochanter, ichial tuberosity, and coccyx.
- Piriformis will be the base of the T


How are the ischial tuberosities palpated?

- Ask for consent first
- Find gluteal fold
- Fall off the fold
- Come superiorly
- Palpate into tuberosities


What 2 impairments may be palpated at the ischial tuberosities during palpation?

- Ischial bursitis
- Hamstring inflammation/ irritation


How are the pubic tubercles palpated?

- Obtain consent
- Palm the abdomen
- Walk the hand down
- Find it, and feel it with the thumbs
- Can have female patient find it themselves and use their thumbs as dummy thumbs
- May palpate the pubic symphysis for pain


How can the ASIS be palpated more consistently?

- Move the thumb directly under the ASIS


In what positions should the pelvic landmarks be palpated?

- Standing
- Sitting
- Supine
- Prone


What 10 landmarks should be palpated during the pelvic exam?

- Iliac crest
- Ilio-lumbar ligament
- Sacral sulcus
- S2
- Sacral inferior lateral angles
- Piriformis
- Ischial tuberosities
- Pubic tubercles/ pubic symphysis


What is the 4 (or 5) item test cluster for SIJ dysfunction?

- Thigh thrust
- Sacral thrust
- Distraction
- Compression
- Gaenslen's (?)


What are the 4 other special test for the pelvic girdle?

- Squish test
- Active SLR
- Sign of the buttock