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What is the role of Human Resource Management?

- Recruiting and selecting employees
- Motivating and training staff
- Providing safe working conditions
- Promoting good working relationships
- Ensuring employees get paid correctly


What type of workers does HRM deal with?

Manual Worker
Blue Collar Worker
White collar Worker
Professional Worker


Explain what a manual worker does.

Manual Workers usually do physical jobs which will not require many skills. These staff are also known as unskilled workers.


Explain what a blue collar worker does.

Blue collar workers usually do physical jobs which require some specific skills to complete. These workers are also known as semi skilled workers.


Explain what a white collar worker does.

White collar workers usually do non-physical jobs which requires several skills and qualifications. These workers are also known as skilled workers.


Explain what a professional worker does.

Professional workers require many skills and qualifications, and their jobs will involve decision making and responsibility.


Name the changes that are happening to the workers that HRM are responsible for?

Increase in female workers, fewer core staff, more manual workers, fewer manufacturing jobs.


What are the main stages involves in staff recruitment?

Carry out a job analysis, prepare a job description, prepare a person specification and prepare a job advertisement.


What methods can a business use to advertise a new opening for a job?

Local press, National press, job center plus, recruitment agency and online advertisement.


What are the main stages involved in selection?

identify the best candidates, interview the best applicants, test the best applicants, collect references for the best candidates and decide on who is the best overall candidate for the job.