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Louis XVI

On May 10, 1774 King Louis XVI would be announced as king. At this time Louis was still young and many believe he wasn't ready to have the position of king. Was king at the time of the Revolution. He was a weak decision maker which didn't help him or his nation.


Marie Antoninette

Queen and married to King Louis XVI. The people were't a fan of her in France. She would then be guillotined in 1793.


Jaques Necker

Was Louie's financial man who helped keep the nation in control. Louie then fired him which caused chaos in the nation.


George Danton

Danton was the head of the Committee of Public Safety. He was a friend of Robespierre. Although in the end he would be murdered by request of Robespierre.


Maximillian Robespierre

Robespierre was a young lawyer who led during the deadliest part of the French revolution. In the end once he was executed the would end the reign of terror.


Jacques-Louis David

David was a French painter who supported the French revolution.


Toussaint Louverture

Louverture had an important role in the Haitian revolution. He was an important leader who helped the blacks defeat the whites to give them their freedom. He was a slave who then became the first leader of the Haitian revolution


John Hargreaves

Hargreaves invented the spinning jenny. This helped the production of spinning and it made it so that one person could do the work of 8.


Richard Arkwright

Cartwright was an english entrepreneur and invented who become the wealthiest man with the most productive textile manufacturer of the Industrial Revolution.He invented the water frame which was productive and didn't require as much supervision.


Edmund Cartwright

Cartwright invented the power loom. This machine was able to make yarn into fabric. This machine was able to help produce cloth


Thomas Newcomen

In 1705 Newcomen invented the steam engine that powered off coal.


James Watt

Watt was a Scottish engineer and inventor he improved the steam engine which gave it a stronger use in industry.


French Revolution

Second great democratic revolution 1790's, happening after America got their independence, French people over threw their government and king, french government underwent structural changes, and adopted ideals based on Enlightenment principles of nationalism, citizenship, and inalienable rights.


Haitian Revolution

Led by Toussaint l'Overture in 1790 resulted in the successful overthrow of French colonial rule on this Caribbean island first black government in the Western Hemisphere and the world's second democratic republic (after the US)., First successful slave revolution


Industrial Revolution

A series of improvements in industrial technology that transformed the process of manufacturing goods.
Social and economic change that began in England in the 1760s when the industrial geography of England changed significantly and later diffused to other parts of western Europe.



The first industry to be industrialized in the 18th century.



A moderate group that fought for control of the French National Convention in 1793.


Sans- Culottes

he working people of Paris who were characterized by their long working pants and support for radical politics.


Domestic System

a production system that gave way to the factory system.


Enlightenment Ideals

Enlightenment ideals started when enlighteners began to ask questions about social customs and political traditions. That put kings and nobles ahead of ordinary people and they wanted to know what arrangements were best suited to promote human happiness. They also questioned the divine right of kings, and this political power lead to a system of checks and balances and the inclusion of people in government.


Gens de couleur

Freed people who were often landowners but don't have the same rights as whites, wanted equality for all