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Christopher Columbus

Columbus was a famous explorer, He's best known for proving the World is round, started by asking Queen Isabella of Spain to support him to sail west to the Indies instead of going around India. His request was declined twice. Finally Queen approved the request to travel west. 1492 Columbus set sail with 3 boats in search of riches in the West Indies. Columbus successfully crosses Atlantic and find new foods such as corn and sweet potatoes. Queen and King called him "Admiral of the Ocean Sea" due to successful return. He would then bigger ships to make 3 more trips across the Atlantic.


Medici Family

Cosmo de Medici was the wealthiest man in Florence. Made his money through banking and trading. He became leader of France in 1434. His power controlled the government. People loved him because he used his own money to help improve the city. He paid of debt for bankers and businessmen and was able to open the first public library in Western Europe. He died in 1464 then his family took control of the government.


Niccolo Machiavelli

Niccolò Machiavelli was an author from Florence. He studied politics and leaders in Europe. He was interested in why some rulers were successful vs others that weren't He then wrote a book called "The Prince" The book taught leaders ways to be successful. Famous for saying that leaders need to be strong like a lion and smart as a fox. He was an honest man who had integrity. Although he believed that it was fine for a leader to lie or manipulate others as long as it was goo for the city.


Martin Luther

Martin luther was a German leader who dedicated his life to the church. After a near death experience with a lightning strike he would then become a monk. He didn't believe that the Catholic Churches were following the rules of God. His is know for his writing the "95 theses" he urged people to rise up against the wrongs of the church leadership. He was against the idea of the church trying to make money by promising forgiveness if money was donated to them. His writings were published and then the reformation then began to change the ways of the Popes and catholic churches .



Brunelleschi was born in Florence he was an architect and engineer. He was best known for his work of creating the dome.



Feudalism was the social system used in Europe during the medieval era



An agriculture worker who worked on his lords land


Black Plague

Rodents and fleas infected people and it spread through trade routes and Europe giving awful illnesses to the people



Renaissance means rebirth, this was the era where the arts and literature, classical learning was reborn.


Flying buttress

Forms an arch from a slanting bridge across two pieces



The thought of over stressing the importance of human and human values



ideas consisting of God, reason, nature, and humanity were synthesized into a worldview that gained wide assent in the West and that instigated revolutionary developments in art, philosophy, and politics.



The expedition Pope Urban ll sent his men on to Jerusalem to begin their holy land from the Muslims



An organization who worked in the church who questioned the people who didn't agree with the church