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perf by possession

secured party may perfect a security interest in most tangible collateral by taking possession of the collateral


can be perfected by possession

Negotiable Instruments
Tangible chattel paper

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possession is EXCLUSIVE method for:



perfection by control

-a secured party may perfect a SI in specific collateral by taking control of the collateral


Can be perfected by control

-deposit accounts
-investment prop
-electronic documents or electronic chattel paper
-and letter-of-credit rights

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Control is exclusive method of possession

-letter-of-credit rights
-deposit accounts (IE checking account)


gain control over deposit account

1) Secured party is the one maintaining the account
2) debtor, secured party, and bank have authenticated a record agreeing that the secured party has control or
3)secured party's name is added to the debtor's account


automatic perfection

some types of perfection occur upon attachment


automatic perfection-2 type

1) indefinite
2) temporary


indefinite automatic perfection

-PMSI in consumer goods
-PMSI in other types of goods (inventory/equip) or in automobiles is not automatically perfected


temporary automatic perfection

three ways in which this arises:
1) secured party perfects by possession and subsequently gives the collateral over to the debtor for resale
2)either the debtor or collateral moves from one state to another OR
3)when the collateral is exchanged for or gives rise to proceeds


delivery of collateral to debtory

-when secured party is perfected, and makes collateral available to the debtor for the purpose of selling or exchanging the collateral, the secured interest in the collateral remains perfected for 20 days


interstate movement of debtor

when a debtor moves states, a perfected Si remains perfected for 4 months after the debtor's change in location


interstate movement of collateral

when collateral is transferred to a person located in another state who becomes a debtor, a perfected security interest generally remains perfected for one year after the transfer


effect of lapse of perfection

-in either of the above 2 situations, where a SI is not perfected in the second state before expiration of the applicable temporary perfection period, the SI generally ceases to be perfected prospectively

-and with respect to purchasers for value, such as subsequent secured party, such a SI is deemed never to have been perfected



-a SI in proceeds enjoys temporary pefection and may also be entitled to indefinite automatic perfection
-temporary peft= when SI in original colat is perfected, a SI in proceeds is perfected for 20 days from the time it attaches
-indefinite automatic- SI in proceeds may continue to be automatically perfected beyond the 20 day period


Cash proceeds

-where proceeds are identifiable cash proceeds and the SI in the original collateral is perfected, the perfected SI in the proceeds continues indefinitely
(perfected beyond the 20 day period in this situation)


Same office

A perfected SI in proceeds may also continue indefinitely when:
1) a filed FS covers the original collateral
2) the proceeds are collateral in which a SI may be perfected by filing in the same office in which the original financing statement has been filed AND
3) the proceeds are not acquired with cash proceeds


Notes to same office rule

1) if original financing statement describes the collateral broadly enough there is no need to invoke the same office rule
2) State Certificate of Title- when property is subject to a special statute in lieu of Art 9's rules on perfection, such as the cert of title for the automobiles, the statute dictates the manner of perfection