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Attached Gingiva  Width

Icreases with?

Facial- widest, narrowest

Lingual- narrowest, widest

  • Width increases with age
  • Facial
    • Widest incisors
    • Narrowest premolars
  • Lingual mandibular
    • Narrowest incisors 
    • Widest molars


Keratinized Gingiva 

Free Gingiva and Attached gingiva

Anything apical ti it is not keratinized

Main difff btw gingiva and mucosa


Oral Mucosa 3 Zones

  • Masticatory Mucosa
    • Tissue of the hard palate and gingiva (covers alveolar process)
  • Specialized Mucosa
    • Covers dorsum of tongue
  • Oral Mucosa Membrane
    • Covers remainder of oral cavity


Thin Phenotype

Increased recession

More vulnerable to trauma

More inflammation

Less favorable treatment outcomes


Interdental Papilla Shape depends on

The contact relationships between adjacent teeth

Width of approximal tooth surfaces

Couse of CEJ

Anteriors- Pyrimidal

POsteriors- Col



Concavity seen in contact areas of premolars and molars

Non-keratinized bc not in cotact with anything during mastication

Similar to junctional epithelium


Oral Epithelium

Type of cell

Layers (4)

  • Keratinized stratified squamous epithelium (keratinocytes)
  • Basal layer (basale or germinativum)
  • Prickle cell layer (spinosum)
  • Granular cell layer (granulosum)
  • Keratinized (corneum)


2 diff types of keratination of oral epithelium

Orthokeratinized (no nucleus)

Parakeratinized (nuclear remnants)


From basal layer to granular layer what increases and what decreases

  • Cytoplasmic tonofilaments and number of desmosomes increase
  • The number of organelles decrease


Where are the 2 layers of basement membrane located

  • Lamina Lucida- adjacent basal cells
  • Lamina densa- adjacent connective tissue 
    • anchoring fibers project from lamina densa into CT 


Junctional Epithelium 

  • Collar like band of stratified squamous non-keratinized epithelium


JE origin during and afer eruption

  • Derived from reduced dental epithelium during tooth eruption
  • After eruption
    • cells of oral epithelium can differentiate into cells of JE
  • JE is continously renewed


Periodontitis Occurs when

  • Junctional epithelium migrates apically down root surface, ;eading to attachment loss
  • Viable JE neccessary for pocket formation