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Explain how the use of personal digital devices affects everyday life.

They allow people to communicate at any time and wherever they are through:
- Text messages
- Social Networking Sites
- Instant Messaging
- Media Messages (MMS)
- Emails


Explain how having access to the Internet can enhance a person's work life.

- Being able to use specialist software, such as spreadsheet software, makes them more productive
- They will be able to collaborate with work colleagues more easily
- Thanks to teleconferencing and video conferencing they have to travel to fewer meetings saving them time.


What factors do you need to consider when choosing a device?

- Battery Life
- User Interface
- Connectivity
- Security
- Reliability and support services offered
- Storage capacity/memory
- Weight and size
- Compatibility with other devices
- Speed of Internet connection and processor
- Purpose (e.g. gaming and playing music)
- Cost


What common features do digital features have?

Processor - This controls all the functions of the device
Internal Memory - While the microprocessor is working it needs to store the program instructions and data in it's internal memory
Flash Memory - This is a type of peripheral ideal for portable digital devices (e.g. SD cards, USB, Micro SD cards)


List two peripheral devices that could be connected to a personal media player.

Any two from:
- Headphones
- Speakers
- Microphones


Understand the different types of connection and how devices exchange data.

Data Cable Connection - most common method of data cable connection is a USB cable
Bluetooth - It is a technology that allows devices to communicate with each other wireless
Wi-Fi - Another method of wireless communication using radio waves
Synchronising - When two devices are connected they can automatically exchange data


Describe one feature of a modern mobile phones that has improved the user experience when watching movies.

Improved screen resolution means that the movies look better on the mobile phones.
OR Large storage means that better quality movies can be stored in the phone memory.


How would you keep a mobile phone safe?

- Hide the phone
- Set a PIN, password or bio-metric lock
- Lock the SIM card
- Record the unique IMEI number - the mobile service provider can block the phone using this number
- Restrict Bluetooth usage - 'Blue-jacking' is where people nearby send anonymous messages to users who have left Bluetooth switched on


Describe what is meant by 'network band'.

Mobile phones in different areas of the world use different frequencies or network bands. If users want to use their mobile phones abroad they will have to have a dual band, tri band or, to cover the whole world, a quad band.


State what is meant by 'high resolution'.

- Higher quality / more detail in the image
- A clearer image / picture
- More vertical and horizontal pixel lines


Give two benefits to a school of issuing all students with netbooks.

Relatively inexpensive and fits easily on a desk alongside text books.


What features will impact how much your computer weighs and costs?

- Processor Speed - a quick processor means a fast computer
- RAM - Lots of RAM will let the computer support more applications
- Sound/Graphics card - Allows you to see/hear graphics, videos, music and games
- Wi-Fi - A Wi-Fi enabled computer can form part of a wireless network
- Storage Capacity - A large storage capacity means you can store more files
- Number of USB ports
- Battery Life


What is Ergonomics?

It is the science of designing equipment so that it is comfortable and user-friendly. An ergonomic design can help prevent repetitive strain injuries (RSI) and other health problems.


What is the difference between digital and optical zoom?

Digital zoom doesn't really zoom it just crops and enlarges part of the image, which can affect image quality. And optical zoom moves the lens away from the sensor and closer to the subject, bringing light from the subject closer.


What is resolution?

Resolution relates to the maximum number of pixels that can be recorded in the images.


What does GPS tagging do and why is it useful?

It stores the exact location of where a video/image was taken. It can be used for reference so that you can see where videos were taken or attach them to a map.


What media file formats can be used for audio and video?

Audio: MP3 and WMA
Still Image: JPEG, GIF and PNG
Video: MPEG-4 and WMV


What is DRM?

The Digital Rights Management and many files include this to prevent people from making copies of audio and video files. The DRM software may also prevent transfer to other digital devices that you own. It is to protect the copyright holder by preventing illegal copying.


Give two disadvantages of streaming rather than downloading.

- Video is not available to watch offline / cannot keep a local copy / Internet connection unavailable
- Limited availability for some streamed video
- User experience is dependent on connection quality / playback might be affected by buffering / video might lag / video might freeze.


Give two advantages of buying a computer rather than a games console.

- The computer can be sued for work and running other programs but a games console can only be used for playing games, watching movies and online surfing.
- Can play more multiplayer online games with a computer but with a games console can only play with users the same console.
- Can use the computer screen but a games console has to be connected to a TV or monitor


Give two disadvantages of buying a computer rather than a games console.

- A computer is likely to be more expensive than a games console with the same speed and graphics capabilities.
- A computer needs to be set up and have software installed whereas a games console is ready to play straight out of the box
- You need a flat surface for a computer whereas you can play on a games console anywhere.


What health risks are related to playing on games consoles?

- Overuse injuries - pressing buttons can lead to RSI, especially of the thumbs
- Obesity
- Muscle and joint problems
- Eye Strain


Some friends wirelessly display images from their phones on their television. Describe how they might do this.

Connect to the wireless network pair the devices to allow data sharing and allow the images from the phone to be accessed by the TV.


State the function of GPS.

Global Positioning System gives you an accurate location of where you are by receiving signals from a network of satellites.


What does it mean by convergence?

It is where digital devices take on functions normally found in other devices. GPS and sat nav functions are now offered on a variety of devices:
- Smartphones and media players
- Route planning apps


Tina is a sales rep who travels most of the week. Explain how she might use her smartphone to communicate with people while travelling.

She can use Bluetooth to allow her to speak to customers while driving. She can use 3G or Wi-Fi when in a hotel/meeting to email/chat/text with colleagues.


List three positive effects of the use of digital devices in education.

- Finding out information - online research
- Specialist software - for learning in subjects such as languages, history etc.
- Use of digital devices such as interactive whiteboards, digital cameras, GPS and geocaching
- Use of portable devices such as laptops, netbooks, tablets and smartphones to access learning resources
Educational apps for smartphones
- Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to allow students to access learning resources, view lesson plans and hand in homework using portable digital devices wherever they are in the world.