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What is an online community?

An online community is a group of people who meet up online. E.g. Social Networking, Blogs, Online Work Spaces, User-generated reference sites, Social bookmarking sites, Virtual worlds, VLE, and webmail.


What is an online workspace?

Online workspaces provide a virtual space for people who work together to meet, share files and work collaboratively online.


What is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)?

A VLE provides information to help students learn and allows teachers to work collaboratively to create high quality material.


List two features of social networks.

- Status updates
- Friend requests
- Chat
- Messaging
- Uploading video / images
- Personal spaces for blogs and so on
- 'like' feature
- Games


Explain why different social networks have different features.

There are many social networks aimed at a specific target audience. They include features that the target audience would find useful. For example, LinkedIn is aimed at business people, so includes links to relevant vacancies and advice from industry experts.


Wikipedia is an example of a user-generated reference site. List three features of a user-generated reference site.

- Able to add and edit the content
- Changes can be tracked
- Provides hyperlinked pages and images
- Often use moderators


Describe one function of a social bookmarking site.

Users can tag URLs that can then be searched.
URLs can be stored and then shared with other users.


Describe two ways in which ICT is changing the way knowledge is created.

- Tools such as spreadsheets and databases within online workspaces help to create ideas, model different situations and solve problems.
- People can communicate, collaborate and share ideas on a global scale
- Information is constantly updated and is always open for improvement, for example entries on Wikipedia
- Users, rather than editors, can decide what information is important when they contribute to or rate Content online
- Information and knowledge can be made accessible to everyone through ICT. University students can take courses and communicate with their tutors online.


List two ways in which the Internet helps people to work collaboratively.

- Video conferencing
- VoIP
- Email
- Online chat
- Social networking and online workspaces


Describe the purpose of an acceptable use policy.

An acceptable use policy is a set of rules that set out how to behave when using the website. Users have a to agree to the rules before using the website.


What is globalisation?

The increasing integration of economies and societies around the world, particularly throught international trade.


Stella is a travel writer. Whilst abroad she uses an online workspace with colleagues in the UK. List two other ways she could collaborate globally.

- Social networking
- Video conferencing
- VoIP
- Cloud computing sharing data online
- Blogs
- Online workspaces
- User-generated reference sits
- Social bookmarking