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What is a personality trait?

-An enduring, repetitive pattern of perceiving, relating to, and thinking about the environment and oneself


What is a personality disorder?

-Inflexible, maladaptive, and rigidly pervasive pattern of behavior causing subjective distress and/or impaired functioning; person is usually not aware of problem
-usually presents by early adulthood


Should personality disorders be diagnosed in children?

-No because personality develoment is not complete


is the diagnosis of personality disorder reliable in elderly population?



What is Cluster A?

-Paranoid personality disorder: characterized by irrational suspicions and mistrust of others


What is Schizoid personality disorder?

-lack of interest in social relationships, seeing no point in sharing time with others
-Appear different to the praise or criticism of others and often seem cold or aloof
-marked by little pleasure in activities
-lacks close friends or confidants other than first-degree relatives


What is the go to answer if we need to pick a therapy for the person?

-cognitive behavioral therapy!!!!
-if we have no idea what the answer is, our odds are best when picking these


What is Schizotypal personality disorder?

-odd behavior or thinking
-ideas of reference
-odd beliefs or magical thinking
-vague, circumstantial, or stereotyped speech
-Excessive social anxiety that does not diminish with familiarity


What is Cluster B personality disorders?

-Dramatic, emotional or erratic disorders


What is antisocial personality disorder?

-pervasive disregard for the law and the rights of others


What is Borderline personality disorder?

-exteme "black and white" thinking, instability in relationships, self-image, identity, and behavior


What is Histrionic personality disorder?

-pervasive attention-seeking behavior including inappropriate sexual seductiveness and shallow or exaggerated emotions


What is Narcissistic personality disorder?

-a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and lack of empathy


What is antisocial personality disorder?

-repeated violations of law
-pervasive lying and deception
-physical aggressiveness
-reckless disregard for safety of self or others
-consistent irresponsibility in work and family environments
-lack of remorse


Is antisocial personality disorder more prevalent in men or in women?

-3x more prevalent in men


What is borderline personality disorder?

-frantic efforts to avoid expected abandonment
-unstable self image
-affective intability
-chronic feelings of emptiness
-3x more common in women than men


How are borderline personality disorder people?

-very manipulative
-immature personality traits: teddy bear, tweety bird
-Need to set rigid boundaries when treating these pts
-are often victim of sexual abuse or emotional abuse
-have a high rate of comorbid major depression


What is labelle indifference in the histrionic personality disorder?

-a seemingly indifferent detachment, while describing dramatic physical symptoms


What is Cluster C ?

-anxious or fearful disorders


What is avoidant personality disorder?

-Social inhibition, feelings of inadequacy, extreme sensitivity to negative evaluation and avoidance of social interaction


what is dependent personality disorder?

-pervasive psychological dependence on other people


What is Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder?

-Characterized by rigid conformity to rules, moral codes and excessive orderliness


How does avoidant personality disorder differ from schozoid personality disorder?

-the desire relationships with others
-paralyzed by their fear and sensitivity into social isolation
-shy but not as odd as cluster A types


If someone cuts, what do we think of?

Borderline personality disorder


Does multiple personality disorder exist?



What does DSM 5 describe multiple personality disorder as?

-Dissociative identity disorder


What is dissoviative identity disorder?

-presence of two or more distinct idnetities or personality states


What is psychodynamic psychotherapy?

-examines the ways that patients perceive events
-assumption that perceptions are shaped by early life
-identify perceptual distortions and their historical sources
-facilitate the development of more adaptive modes of perception and response
-frequency from several times a week to once a month; it makes use of transference


What is cognitive behavior therapy (CBT)?

-deals with how people think about their world and their perception of it
-typically limited to episodes of 6-20 weeks, once weekly


What is group psychotherapy?

-allows interpersonal psychopathology to display itself among peer pts
-usually once weekly over a course that may range from several months to years


What is Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)?*****Know this

-skills-based therapy
-applied to borderline personality disorder
-manual-based therapy is on the development of coping skills to improve affective stability and impulse control and on reducing self-harmful behavior
-Also being used with other cluster B personality disorders to reduce impulsive behavior


What is the deal with medications in this lecture?

-not curative for any personality disorder
-adjunct to psychotherapy so that the pt may productively engage in psychotherapy
-tx of symptom clusters such as cognitive-perceptual sx, affective dysregulation, and impulsive-behavioral dyscontrol


Which drugs are safe and reasonably effective?

-SSRY's and newer antidepressants


Which anticonvulsant do we use?

-Valproic acid
-impulse control


Which disorder has homicide as a potential complication?

-paranoid and antisocial personality disorders


Are disorders lifelong?



Do cluster A and B personality disorders become les severe or more severe in middle age and late life?

-less severe


Which cluster personality have the worst prognosis?

-Cluster B personality disorders
-Susceptible to problems of substance abuse
-impulse control, and suicidal behavior, which may shorten their lives


Which cluster thing tends to become exaggerated in later life?

-Cluster C characteristics