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When is the peak onset time for schizophrenia?

-late adolesence and early adulthood
-negative sx have a poor prognosis


+ sx of schizophrenia

-sx added to the presentation
-typically present in the active phase


What is loosening of associations

-when connections among the pts ideas are absent or obscure
-listeners may feel as if understanding of the pts thoughts had been suddenly lost


What does the form of though look like in schizo ppl?

-loosening of associations
-poverty of content and speech
-thoguht blocking: internal interruption in pts speech/thoughts


What does the content of thought llok like in schizo ppl?

-delusions of persecution, reference, influence
-thought broadcasting
-grandiose delusions, somatic delusions


what is the schizo affect like?



Negative sx of schizophrenia

-sx that appear missing from the presentation
-typically present in the residual phase
-affective flattening
-social withdrawal
-anhedonia: they don't have any fun
-poverty of thought
-content of speech


How long do the sx for schizo have to be present?

-6 months!!!!!!***** importante


What are some things we have do be able to rule out when making the dx of schizo?

-seizure disorders
-metabolic disorders
-thyroid df
-brain tumor
-street drug use******


psychiatric ddx for schizo

-delusional disorder
-mood disorders
-personality disorders
-"normal adolescence"


When are ppl with schizo born?

-higher rates in pts born in winter and early spring months


What will schizo eyes look like?

-saccadic eye movements, not smooth when reading over something


What will brain imaging look like in schizo?

-structural volume reduction in cortical structures
-enlarged ventricles (3rd and 4th)


What were some of the big sx that they have to have for most of 1 month?

-Disorganized speech


are schizos more likely to commit homicide?



What is the single leading cause of death in schizos?



What drug to we give suicidal ppl?

-be sure to check for neutropenia


What things do we have to look for in the schizophrenia, Catatonic type?

-motoric immobility as evidenced by catalepsy or stupor
-excessive motor activity (apparently puroposeless and not influenced by external stimuli)
-extreme negativism or mutism
-peculiarities of voluntary movement such as posturing, stereotyped movements, prominent mannerisms or prominent grimacing
-Echolalia or echopraxia


Schizophrenia treatments

-group therapy
-individual psychotherapy
-community treatment
-self-help programs
-Benzos for catatonic disorder


What do we have to do pharamcologically for schizo?

-block the DA receptors!!!
-first gen antipsychotics: haloperidol, fluphenazine
-lorazepam calms them down


What are some first generation antipsychotics adverse effects?

-EPS syndromes
-NEuropleptic malignant syndrome


What do the second generation antipsychotics do?

-block DA receptors AND affect serotonin activity
-Clozapine (agranulocytosis... watch out)
-Ziprasidone: QTc prolongation
-Aripiprazole: partial DA agonist


If it ends with "pine", what side effect must we worry about?

-weight gain
-p..... pig


What is Schizoaffective disorder?

-Uninterrupted period of illness with either a major depressive episode or manic episode concurrent with sx that meet criterion A for schizophrenia
-Same period of illness, have been delusions or hallucinations for at least 2 weeks in the absence of prominent mood sx


What is brief psychotic disorder?

-Presence of at least ... of the following:
-disorganized speech
-grossly disorganized or catatonic behavior
-Duration of an episode of the disturbance is at least 1 day and no more than 1 month*****, with eventual return to premorbid level of functioning


What is Schizophreniform?

-Meets criteria A, D, and E for schizophrenia
-an episode of the disorder lasts at least 1 month but less than 6 months


What is delusional disorder?

-delusions of at least 1 month's duration,
-has never met criterion A for schizophrenia
-apart from the impact of the delusion, functioning is not impaired and behavior is not odd or bizarre


If schizo, what time line are we looking for?

-> 6 months


Schizophreniform time

-1-6 months


Brief psychoti disorder

-<1 month