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What is Allegory

Prepare to discuss which of the texts or poems so far best utilizes the literary device of allegory. Please come with a few examples from our readings this semester, in mind to write about.


Homework and Quizes

You may also see some of the reading questions present on the midterm, review the reading questions, as well as some of the questions from the reading quiz.


Close Reading

• You will be given several passages from poems or stories that we have read so far this semester, (example: passage from Perelandra or from Easter Wings), you will be asked to identify what is happening in the passage given and what that particular passage means. Grades will be based on how well the student utilizes close reading skills. This means: the student uses the examples/words from the passage to create their analysis.



The power-point presentations, these are all uploaded to canvas. I highly encourage you to review these.


Impossible thing she's suggesting

• REREAD THE POETRY and REVIEW the texts, familiarity with these works will be your greatest asset on the midterm.