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How many members serve on the state board of pharmacy, and how long is each term of service?

11 members
4 years (2 term maximum)


How many public members (non-pharmacists) and how many pharmacist members serve on the board of pharmacy?

4 public members
1 pharmacy technician
6 pharmacists


What is the name of the agency that issues pharmacist licenses?

Department of licensing and regulatory affairs (LARA)


What is the minimum age to become a licensed pharmacist?

18 years old


What exams are required for pharmacist licensure?



How long does a pharmacist have to notify the board of a change in name or home address?

No more than 30 days after the change occurs


What are the CPE requirements for pharmacists (e.g., how many hours per renewal period, how long is the renewal period, are live hours required, any specific CPE topic requirements)?

30 hours CE per renewal period
Biennial license renewal (every other year)
no carry-over of credit is allowed
10 hours must be live CE
1 hour has to be on pain and symptom management


How often is the pharmacist license renewed?

Biennial license renewal (every other year)


If a pharmacist's license lapses, what action can be taken to reinstate the license?

License lapsed for less than 3 years
1) Apply for re-licensure on MiPLUS
2) Submit proof of 30 hours CPE (at least 1 hour pain management and 10 hours of live courses) within the last 2 years
License lapsed 3-8 years
1) Same as license lapsed less than 3 years PLUS
2) Within 6 months of applying for re-licensure, complete a practical pharmacy experience program (at least 200 hours)
License lapsed more than 8 years
1) Same as license lapsed for less than 3 years PLUS
2) Within 6 months of applying for re-licensure, complete a practical pharmacy experience programs (at least 400 hours)


What are the requirements to serve as a pharmacist preceptor?

1) A pharmacist must have at least one year of practice to be approved as a preceptor
2) Submit application for preceptor specialty in MiPLUS


Do individuals need to submit fingerprints to register as an intern?



Are interns required to have a criminal background check?



When does an intern license expire?

After 5 years


How many intern hours are required?

1600 hours


What type of intern hours are required?

Professional and practical experience must include all of the following areas:
1) Pharmacy administration and management
2) Drug distribution, use, and control
3) Legal requirements
4) Providing health information services and advising patients
5) Pharmacist's ethical and professional responsibilities
6) Drug and product information


What is the ratio of interns for each pharmacist in a community/hospital setting?

2 interns to 1 pharmacist


Are there permitted conditions in which the number of interns per pharmacist can increase?



What is the minimum age to become a pharmacy technician?

Age is not specified, but in order to receive a technician license, an individual must have graduated from an accredited high school or have a GED


Do technicians have to be licensed or registered?



What exams or certifications are required for all technicians?

A pharmacy technician must pass an examination given by one of the following:
1) Pharmacy technician certification board
2) National health career association
3) Any other nationally recognized and administered certification examination approved by the board
4) An employer-based training program examination that is approved by the board


Are there different levels of pharmacy technicians based on certification or training?



Is there a maximum pharmacist-technician supervision ratio?



What organization operates the impaired pharmacist recovery program?

The health professional recovery program (HPRP)
This program is administered through a contract with the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Bureau of Professional Licensing


What healthcare professionals can enroll in the states impaired pharmacist recovery program?

Health care professionals who are applying for or are actively licensed, registered, or certified by a licensing board are eligible to participate. This includes the board of pharmacy licensees (i.e, pharmacists, pharmacy interns, and technicians)


Can a healthcare professional self-enroll in the impaired pharmacist recovery program?



Are mail-order pharmacy's hours and/or toll-free number required to be listed on the prescription container labeling?



Are mail-order pharmacies required to be open for a defined number of days and hours per week?



What is the name of the inspection or assessment forms used by pharmacists?

self-inspection form


Who is required to complete the pharmacy inspection or assessment form and how often does it need to be completed?

The form must be completed the the person who applies for a new pharmacy license or pharmacy relocation


Is the pharmacy inspection or assessment form sent to the board or kept at the pharmacy (if kept at the pharmacy, for how long)?

The form is completed when applying for a new pharmacy license or pharmacy relocation and is sent to the board with the application