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Creator: Niépce, Nicéphore, 1765-1833
Title: View from Niepce's window at at Gras. 1st. Photo
Date: 1826
Material: Heliograph


Creator: Daguerre, Louis-Jacques-Mande, French
Title: Still Life in the Artist's Studio
Date: 1837
Location: Societe Francaise de Photographie, Paris
Material: Daguerreotype


Creator: Daguerre, Louis-Jacques-Mande, French
Title: View of the Boulevard du Temple, Paris, 1838 [2 views taken on same day]
Date: 1838


Creator: Bayard, Hippolyte, 1801-1887
Title: Self-portrait of Bayard as a corpse
Date: 1840
Material: direct positive


Creator: Talbot, William Henry Fox, 1800-1877
Title: Silhouette portrait of Talbot
Date: 1807


Creator: Unknown Artist, Unknown School
Title: [Shark Egg Case]
Date: 1840-1845
Location: made/manufactured: England
Material: Salted paper print


Creator: Herschel, John F. W. (John Frederick William), Sir, 1792- 1871
Title: Research Notebook
Date: 1839
Material: un-fixed photogenic drawing


Creator: Whipple

Title: View of the moon, February 26, 1852
Title: Whole View
Work Type: Photography
Date: 1852
Location: United States
Material: Daguerreotype


Creator: Talbot, William Henry Fox, 1800-1877
Title: Pencil of Nature Plate X of The Haystack
Subject: Photography--19th C. A.D


Creator: Talbot, William Henry Fox, 1800-1877
Title: Pencil of Nature Plate VI The Open Door


Creator: Talbot, William Henry Fox, 1800-1877
Title: Pencil of Nature Plate XX Lace Lacock Abbey


Creator: William Henry Fox Talbot, European; British, 1800 - 1877,  (artist)
Title: Ancient Door, Magdalen College, Oxford
Date: 1843
Material: salted paper print from calotype negative


Creator: Talbot, William Henry Fox, 1800-1877
Title: Pencil of Nature Plate IV Articles of Glass


Creator: Atkins, Anna, 1799-1871
Title: Papaver Rhoeas
Date: 1845
Material: cyanotype


Creator: Attributed to: Attributed to, William Henry Fox Talbot, English, 1800-1877; Attributed to: Attributed to, Nicolaas Henneman, Dutch, 1813-1898
Title: [The Reading Establishment]
Date: 1846

Material: Salted paper prints from paper negatives


Creator: Diamond, Hugh, 1809-1886
Title: Mental Patient.
Date: 1852-56
Material: wetplate


Material: Daguerreotype; Leatherette
Material: Image: Daguerreotype

Creator: Joseph T. Zealy
Title: Daguerreotype, Jack frontal
Date: March, 1850


Creator: Joseph T. Zealy
Culture: American
Title: Daguerreotype, Alfred, back


Creator: George N. Barnard, North American; American, Born: US, CT, Coventry, 1819, Died: US, NY, Cedarville, 1902
Title: Burning Mills at Oswego, New York
Date: July 5, 1853
Location: US, NY, Oswego
Material: daguerreotype


Creator: Girault de Prangey, 1804-1892
Title: Baalbek, Circular temple, interior detail
Date: 1844
Location: Lebanon
Material: Daguerreotype


Creator: Greene, John Beasley, 1832-1856., American.
Title: The Nile with the Theban Hills in the Background
Work Type: Photographs.
Work Type: Salted paper prints.
Date: ca. 1853-1854.


Creator: Édouard-Denis Baldus
Title: Cloister of the Church of Saint-Trophîme, Arles
Work Type: photograph
Date: c. 1850
Material: salted paper print


Creator: Le Gray, Gustave, 1820-1882
Title: Mediterranean with Mount Agde
Date: 1856-59
Material: albumen print from 2 wet collodion on glass negatives


Creator: Delacroix, Eugene, 1798-1863
Title: Ref.: Photograph of one of the artist's models
Date: c.1854


Creator: Augustus Washington
Title: Unidentified man with beard, half-length portrait, full face
Date: between 1854 and 1860


Creator: Southworth & Hawes, North American; American
Title: Albert Sands Southworth
Work Type: Photographs
Date: ca. 1848
Material: daguerreotype


Creator: Easterly, Thomas, 1809-1882
Title: Keokuk or the Watchful Fox
Date: 1847
Material: hand colored quarter plate daguerr


Creator: Anthony, E. & H. T. & Co. (New York, N.Y.)
Title: A. T. Stewart store, at Broadway and 10th street.
Work Type: photographs; stereographs
Work Type: albumen prints
Work Type: stereographs


Creator: Disdéri, André-Adolphe-Eugène, 1819-1889
Title: Princess Gabrielli
Date: 1862
Material: albumen print


Creator: Braun, Adolphe, 1811-1877
Title: Forum, Rome
Date: 1870
Material: carbon print