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avoir l'avantage de faire qqchose

advantage in doing something


SF est reconnu pour sa variété multiculturelle

SF is celebrated for its multicultural makeup


explain the reason for

to account for

(ins) Increase population accounts for climate change



Adhere to

(ins) You must adhere to the terms of the contract.


Mention in an indirect way

Allude to

(ins) She kept alluding to our agreement, but she didn’t want to reveal it.


To cause something bad to happen, especially illness

Bring on

(sep)His heart condition was brought on by his diet.


To start discussing a subject

Bring up

(sep) She brought the matter up very late so they didn’t have time to discuss it properly.


To happen, especially by chance

Come about

(ins) Increased unemployment has come about through automated production.


To reduce

Cut back

(ins) They are cutting back expenses.


To succeed in living or working without

Do without

(ins) We can do without help from you.


To start a new project or activity, usually one that will be difficult or take time

Embark on

(ins) After graduating from university, she embarked on a career in banking.


To continue doing something until it has been completed

Follow through

(ins) You will need to follow through with some reading if you want to master the subject.


To not approve of something

Frown upon

(ins) Failure to attend classes is frowned upon.


To make people understand something

get across

(sep) The teacher managed to get across how important it was to attend lectures.


To be heard by a lot of people

Get around

(ins) News of his promotion got around very fast.


To try to suggest something without saying it directly

get at

(ins) What are you getting at? Was my presentation too long?


To start doing something again after not doing it for a period of time.

Get back (to doing)

(ins) Let’s get back to discussing how this happened.


To feel happy about something that is going to happen

Look forward to (doing)

(ins) I’m looking forward to meeting you later.


To try to discover facts about something

Look into

(ins) After several customers complained about late deliveries, they decided to look into the matter.


To understand someone or something in a certain way

Make of

(ins) What do you make of the teacher’s decision to shorten this course?


To plan in detail how something will happen

Map out

(sep) Her career was mapped out for her when she decided to take that job.


To come together with someone

Meet up

(ins) Let’s meet up and discuss how we are going to go about this project.


To reduce the number of possibilities

narrow down

(sep) The detectives narrowed down the list of suspects to just two.


To suggest an idea, opinion so that it can be discussed

Put forward

(sep) The proposals were put forward last week, but the committee didn’t have time to discuss them.


To delay doing something especially when you don’t want to do it

Put off (doing)

(sep) Are you putting off writing that essay because you can’t concentrate right now?


To do something unpleasant in order to solve a problem

Resort to

(ins)We must resort to legal action of they don’t offer compensation


To stop considering something as a possibility

Rule out

(sep) The CEO said that yearly bonuses can be ruled out in light of the financial crisis.


To tell someone your ideas so they can give you their opinion

Run by

(sep) I have a few ideas for tomorrow’s meeting. Can I run them by you?


To persuade someone not to do something

Talk out of (doing)

(sep) Her parents talked her out of living in a rented fl


To consider a problem carefully

Think over

(sep) You should think it over before handing in your resignation.