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Brouillon writing task 1

Reading. Lecture

O(end first paragraph)
R1(beginning paragraph)

Only keywords for reading to help note taking during the listening


Answer sentences 4 points

The article states that (O) and provides three reasons of support. However, the professor explains that (...) and refutes each of the author's reasons. (20-17')

First, the reading claims that (R1). The professor refutes this point by declaring that..... he states that...(17-11)

Second, the article posits that (R2). However, the professor contends that ... according to the professor (...) (11-6)

Third, the reading avers that. (R3)The professor opposes this point by explaining that... We also learnt that ...(6-0)


Structure writing 2

Outline (find answer and two reasons): 3 min

Introduction (write clearly answer and problematic): 4 min

Body 1 (reason 1 and example): 9 min

Body 2 (reason 2 and example): 9 min

Conclusion (restate answer and 2 reasons) : 3 min

2 min to fix the rest