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* My sister is happy-go-lucky : she doesn't worry about a thing, not even exam

Describe someone who doesn't worry about the future and accepts what happens.



My nephew is a computer whizz-kid :he earns a fortune fixing people's laptops.

Clever, successful or skilful peopl -and most of all, they are young, like kids
Young and clever


The best of both worlds

We get the best of both worlds without new car: excellent fuel efficiency and great acceleration and speed.

*working part-time means I get the best of both worlds :time with kids and a steady income.

Two good thing
You have the Benefits of two different things and non of the disadvantages.


Bone idle

* You are bone idle -you have been at home all days and you are still in your pajamas.

* The doctor has told my brother to do more exercise, but he won't do it, he is bone idle.

Lazy phrase
Very lazy


To cut a long story short

* So I spoke to my boss and to cut a long story short, I am getting promotion.

* I met my girlfriend last year and to cut a long story short, we are getting married tomorrow.

Just give me details.


Just the ticket

* Oh I feel terrible: I've got a cold and my nose it blocked but a drink of hot honey and lemon would be just the ticket to make me feel better.

* I think a new art gallery will be just the ticket for improving the image of the town and encouraging more people to visit.

* Our car has got seven seats, so it's just the ticket for taking all the kids to football practice every week

Just What I wanted
which describes something that exactly what is wanted or needed. 

Will be....... For... Ing
Would be...... to
It is....... for / to.... verb



* I know Martha's got FOMO, she's been moaning about not being invited to Wang's karaoke party – but she doesn't even like karaoke!

* All my friends are going on holiday together but I can't afford it so I've got FOMO.

* There's a message on Facebook that all the tickets to that gig are sold out – now I have a feeling of FOMO!

A phrase about jealousy
fear of missing out – which describes a feeling you might have when you feel other people are doing something fun, when you are not.  


Do a runner

* The new trainee did a runner after the first day – I don't think he could cope with the high-pressure environment.

* When they started to blame me for the mistake, I felt it best to do a runner and keep out of the way.

Time to get out of here
, to do a runner, which means leave a place quickly in order to avoid a difficult or unpleasant situation.


A thing

* Using funny GIFs in your message is such a thing.

You know parkour: the sport of running and jumping across buildings? Why is that such a thing?

Organic powdered food. Since when has that been a thing?

'a trend' or 'something recognisable in popular culture'. If beards are 'a thing', it means they've become fashionable: lots of people have them.

Such a thing

when someone refers to a trend you haven't heard of, or that you doubt exists, feel free to respond with 'is that even a thing?'


All that jazz

*I had a super lazy weekend. I woke up late, got some coffee, went for a walk, watched a couple of movies, all that jazz. It was great.

I don't read celebrity gossip. You know: who's going out with who, who got plastic surgery, all that jazz. I'm just not interested!

*I love Christmas dinner – you've got turkey, Brussels sprouts, roast potatoes, gravy, all that jazz. It's just great.

 'and so on', or 'and other similar things'.
It's often used – in a list of unpleasant or boring things.
>>> For example: This morning I cleaned the whole house – washing, scrubbing, vacuuming, all that jazz!


Not gonna lie

Slow down! You really are a terrible driver Mark, not gonna lie.

Not gonna lie, I absolutely love my job. I feel so happy when I walk through the office door every day.

Using this phrase indicates that you're choosing to be honest, rather than polite.

it's become a popular phrase on social media. Usually accompanied by a photo of someone on holiday at the beach with a post saying "Not gonna lie, it's stunning here!"
The kind of post that makes me feel jealous when I'm stuck in the office.


Up your game. To Up/raise your

* I never finish novels. I need to up my reading game.

I badly need to work on my interview game before my big interview next week.

You could do with a bit more exercise, mate. You should raise your running game!

You need to up your emoji game!

to raise your game', or 'to up your game', means to improve.


To shout it from the rooftops

*Congratulations for getting a first in your degree, you should go and shout it from the rooftops!

I know you won the lottery but don't shout it from the rooftops; otherwise everyone will be after your money!

We all know Ming is in love with JiYuen, he's been shouting it from the rooftops!

means to tell everyone your good news