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What are the documents you must physically have in your possession to act as pilot in command?

- Private pilot certificate
- Driver's license issued by a State
- At least a 3rd Class medical certificate


How long does a 3rd class medical certificate valid?

24 months if Over 40 Old
60 months if Under 40 Old


What are the privileges and limitations of a private pilot certificate?

- No person who holds a private pilot certificate may act as pilot in command of an aircraft that is carrying passengers or property for compensation or hire

- A private pilot may not pay less than the pro rata share of the operating expenses of a flight with passengers

- You can provide airplanes rides to raise money for a charity

- You can demo aircraft for sale if you have over 200hrs flight time


What is the difference between proficiency and currency?

Being current under the regulations means you have met the requirements to act in pilot in command of an aircraft.

Proficient means you are fully competent and are fully able in those actions.


What is the definition of a high-performance airplane and what must you do to act as PIC of such an airplane?

An airplane with more than 200 HP. You must have received and logged ground/flight training from an instructor and have an endorsement.


What is the definition of a complex airplane?

An airplane that has a retractable landing gear, flaps, and controllable pitch prop.


With respect to certification, privileges and limitations or airmen, define terms: Category, Class, and Type

Category - a broad classification of aircraft (airplane, glider, rotorcraft)

Class - a classification or aircraft with a category having similar characteristics (single-engine land, multi-engine land, etc)

Type - a specific make and model of an aircraft (DC-9, B-737, Piper Cherokee)


What the currency requirements to act as a private pilot?

- flight review every 24 months
- to carry passengers (within 90 days) three takeoffs and landings of the category, class, type. Tailwheel...full stop.
At night: 3 t/o and landings to a complete stop 1 hour after and 1 hour before sunset.


Are you required to log all flights in a log book?

No. You're only required to document and record training needed to attain a certificate, endorsement, rating, flight review, etc.