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1. What charges were placed onto Socrates?

Corruption of youth (Political Charge)
Creation of Gods not known to Athens (Religious Charge)


2. What two chargers placed onto Socrates are a contradiction?

Creation of Gods


3. What is a sophist?

A paid teacher of philosophy and rhetoric of ancient Greece.


4. What is democracy

All people rule, and have a voice.


5. Which charges are true about Socrates



6. Why is the charge of Socrates corrupting the youth false?

Socrates did not corrupt the youth because he did not force anyone to change their belief, he only challenged their belief, and asked questions?


7. Why is the charge of Socrates creating false gods not held up in trial?

Does not create false gods because he only wants to uncover the myth of Apollo and the objective of Apollo.


8. Why couldn't the charge of Socrates being an atheist hold up in trial?

This charge could not be held up because he believed in a god, Apollo. He was willing to die for Apollo (the truth)


What is the irony behind the Trial of Socrates

The society of Athens does not want to become like the thirty tyrants by becoming a democracy however, Socrates is put to death because of his freedom of speech, expression, and assembly.