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how is macbeth presented at the beginning of the play

as a hero


what has Macbeth done to be seen as a hero

he has fought for scotland and has won a great battle


what do macbeth and banquo encounter on their journey to meet king duncan who has promised to reward macbeth for the battle

- they meet three witches
- who seem to know macbeth


what do the three witches greet macbeth as in their first encnounter

- "the thane of glames"
- then the "thane of cawdor"
- then the last one says "king hereafter"


what do the witches tell banquo after he has heard what the witches have said about macbeth in their first encounter and what do the witches do after

- they tell him that he is "lesser than macbeth and greater"
- followed by "he is not so happy, yet much happier"
- that "although he will not be king, he will be the father of kings"
- the witches then disappear


what do macbeth and banquo discover at duncans camp

- that the thane of cawdor is a traitor
- and has been executed
- and messengers have been sent to give the title to macbeth


what does duncan say to macbeth when he meets him after being thane of cawdor and what does macbeth think about it

- duncan says he wants his son, malcolm, to be the next heir to the throne
- and macbeth sees thus as an obstacle for him becoming king


what is lady macbeths response to macbeths letter telling her about his encounter with the witches

- she is delighted about the prophecy
- and swears that she will do anything in her power to see macbeth become king


when macbeth arrives home, what does lady macbeth persuade macbeth to do as duncan is staying at their house overnight

to kill king ducan


how do macbeth and lady macbeth kill king duncan

- lady macbeth causes the guards to get drunk so it is easier for macbeth to kill the king
- then macbeth uses a dagger to stab the king discretely
- but is horrified


what is the response to duncans death the next day after his murder

duncan's sons, malcolm and donalbain, flee the scene in fear of them being next


how does macbeth finesse his way into becoming king after duncans murder

- he blames duncans sons for the murder as they tried to run away
- so being the thane of cawdor, he is crowned king


why does macbeth want to kill banquo as well after he becomes king

- macbeth remembers that the witches said banquo would become the father or kings
- so he tries to get rid of him so his sons dont get in the way


what is the result of macbeth ordering assassins to kill banquo and fleance

- banquo is killed
- but the assassins failed to kill fleance and he manages to escape


what heavily troubles macbeth at the banquet he was having

- banquos ghosts
- seeing it almost turns him insane in front of many important men


what does lady macbeth try to do to cover up for macbeths actions in the banquet

she says that he has suffered from fits like these since childhood


when macbeth meets the witches again what do they tell him

- to "beware macduff"
- and also tell him that he is safe until "burnem woods move to dunsenane"
- and that "no man of woman born can hurt him"


what does macbeth do for reassurance after he hears what the witches said to him on his second encounter and what does wrong

- he sends assassins to murder macduffs family
but macduff is in england to persuade malclom to return to scotland and become king


what is the response to macduff hearing about the murder of his family while in england

malcolm urges him to seek revenge for their sake


what does lady macbeth do when she becomes insane due to the murders

- she constantly relives the murders in her mind
- she cant sleep and always carries a candle around with her
- she tries to wash her hands clean of blood multiple times
- until she finally kills herself


macbeth hears about his wifes death when preparing for war and is confident that he will win, but what does he see that shocks him

- he sees the woods of burnem approaching the castle
- which are the soldiers of malcolm carrying branches and trees to hide their numbers


when macbeth and macduff encounter each other on the battle field, what does macduff say in response to macbeth telling him that no man of woman born can harm him

- macduff tells macbeth that he was born from a cesarean
- which shocks macbeth


what happens after macduff tells macbeth that he isnt born of woman born

- macduff kills macbeth
- and malcolm becomes king