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Act 1:

*Duncan plans to reward Macbeth with the title 'Thane of Cawdor' for being brave in baffle.

*Macbeth and Banquo meet the witches - they are told about the prophecy.

*Macbeth becomes the thane of Cawdor.

*Duncan arrives at Macbeth's castle.

*Lady Macbeth starts to insist on murdering Duncan and plans the murder.


Act 2:

* Macbeth hallucinates a dagger leading to Duncan.

* He murders Duncan and lady Macbeth helps cover it up.

* Macduff finds Duncan murdered and sounds the alarm.

* Malcom and Donalbain run away.

* Macduff becomes suspicious as Macbeth takes the throne.


Act 3:

* Banquo suspects Macbeth

* Macbeth orders Banquo and Fleance to be murdered, although fleance escapes.

* Banqous ghost appears at Macbeths banquet.

* Macbeth plans to see the witches again.

* Macduff flees to England, leaving his family behind.


Act 4:

* Macbeth visits the witches, he learns no man born of woman can kill him.

* Macduff learns that his family were killed on orders from Macbeth.

*Malcom informs Macduff that seyward will provide an army to fight Macbeth. Macduff vows to kill Macbeth in revenge.


Act 5:

* The English army marches towards Macbeth's castle, under disguise of Birnan wood.

* Macbeth learns his wife has died, although he is not concerned.

* Macbeth fights Macduff and he is killed.

* Malcolm becomes the new king.