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What is the Manhunt about?

A soldiers wife comes to term with the physical and emotional damage caused by war when she meets her husband after fighting


What is Sonnet 43 about?

A poem in which Browning explains her love for her fiancé. She presents this love as pure, spiritual and powerful


What is London about?

William Blake presents London as a place of corruption, degradation and exploitation


What is the soldier about?

Patriotic poem celebrating both English superiority and the sacrifices made. An extremely naive perception of war


What is she walks in beauty about?

Byron wrote this poem immediately after observing this woman at a party and is wearing a mourning dress. The poem explores what captured him and her natural beauty - both physical and emotional


What is living space about?

Dharker comments on a slum in India and the conditions they seem to live in. A community's optimistic, hopeful and faith and now they refuse to give up