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- The model boy, the ideal - physically + morally
- A natural leader. Immediately noticed
- Democratic style. Self-Sacrifice and Consideration
- Naïve at first but quickly matures with responsibility
- Susceptible to the same weakness as the other boys eg; he teases piggy and is exhilarated by the hunt
- committed to civilisation + rescue than survival
- unable to manage leading without piggy guidance
- resists instinctual urges but is traumatised by witnessing the loss of innocence and regression



- Natural Leader. driven by a selfish desire for control and power
- Antithesis of Ralph. strong willed + fiery red head
- presented as a bully
- militant and authoritarian @ the start, rules = control
- Punishments reflect his violent and savage nature
- manipulates the boys fear as a way of control
- boys are scared of him but rely on him for protection
- obsessed with killing and hunting = ultimate control over his surroundings
- cruelty and violence develops over time