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Power and Conflict

some poems focus on human power (e.g. ' Ozymandias') or the power of nature (e.g. ' Storm on the island'). You might also have to write about themes like memory, identity or the effects of conflict


What are the 3 main ways to get marks?

- Give your own thoughts and opinions on the poems and support them with quotes from the text
- Explain features like form, structure and language
- Describe the similarities and differences between poems and their contexts


How do you structure your answer?

- Introduction: begin by giving a clear answer to the question in a sentence or two
- The main body: should be three to five paragraphs of analysis
- Conclusion: summarise your answer to the question. Try to make your last sentence memorable



compare the two poems throughout your answer


What should each paragraph contain? What features of the poems?

- similar or different
- Form
- Structure
- Language
- feelings


How do you structure each paragraph?

Point Example Explain Develop


How do you answer the question?

look closely at Language, Structure and Form
Always support your idea with details from the text


How do you write a top grade answer?

- Know the poem inside out - key themes and techniques
- Be as original as you can - Use your own ideas but use evidence from the text
- Write about the poems critically - own opinions. use 'the reader' not 'I think'
- Get to grips with context - explore the effects