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A complaint

- lost both parents at a young age
- moved to France and had daughter, likely where romanticism came from
- left his daughter in France and moved back to England to marry his childhood friend
- 2 of his children died


Neutral Tones

- wife Emma died suddenly
- faced many disappointments within his personal relationships
- poem wasn't published until 20 years later which creates greater degree of distance and highlights the theme of reflection


One Flesh

- devout catholic which explains theme of religion
- never married
- writes about personal experiences



- Scannell was a soldier during world war 2
- suffered PTSD from all of the awful sights that he saw
- son getting hurt brings beck war memories and reminds of the fact that he can't always protect the people he loves
- deserted army twice and was courtmartialed


The Manhunt

- Armitage writes about a soldier who returned from war and had PTSD as well as many physical ailments
- Lauras husband Eddie had returned from being a peace keeper in Bosnia



- often causes controversy wither poems by challenging issues such as issues in society
- encourages people to explore an alternative point of view
- like to challenge social conventions such as valentines
- often writes from a feminist perspective
- feels like she doesn't fit in within society


A child to his sick grandfather

- grandfather died when she was 55 ( lots of memories)
- dad is a traditional Scottish greeting for a grandad and shows how important he was to her
- religion important, grandfather very religious


She walks in beauty

- about a woman he met at a London party
- the woman was said to be in mourning meaning that she was dress in all black wearing sparkling jewels
Had many encounters with both males and females (lots of unsuccessful relationships)


i wanna be yours

- writer originally a mechanic
- gives a traditional view of love through the use of obscure objects and scenarios not often associated with love
- written in 1982, fairly modern views
- punk performance poet, was sometimes performed in a comedic way
- rapid fire performance style


1st Date

- light hearted and often humorous (witty and sarcastic)
- gives a modern view of love and new relationships


love's dog

- strong sense of visual throughout
- gives an insight into the good and bad of a relationship through abstract objects and concepts

- written in response to poem "a view of things" in which one line says "what i hate about love is its dog" this stuck in the poets mind


My last duchess

- was often jealous of the fact that his wife was a more famous and well accomplished poet than him
- read lots of his fathers books that were archaic and written hundreds of years ago

- narrator is Duke Alfonso II who ruled 16th century Italy
wife died 2 years after marriage (poison)
challenges patriarchal society


Sonnet 43

- written about her husband
- she left her family for him after her over protective father wouldn't let them be together
- They ran away to Italy and had a son
- wrote 44 sonnets about her love


My father would not show us

- lived with her father at the time of his death
- was young when her father died so she found it shocking and hard to come to terms with/ understand


La belle dame sans marci

- keats knew he had tuberculosis and was going to die very soon
- this was one of if not his last poem before he died
- had many unsuccessful relationships
- part of the 19th century romantic movement and was against science