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What is the headline: "It's the Sun Wot Won It" referring to?

The 1992 General Election. The Sun was widely believed to have influenced the outcome of John Major beating Neil Kinnock to Number 10.


What are Private Eye's circulation figures?

233,000 as of 2018. Private Eye's circulation has actually being going up since 2016 despite the general trend of falling print circulation. Ian Hislop puts this down to the recent debates about 'Fake News'.


What is The Sun's daily circulation figure?

1.4 million


What is noteworthy about The Guardian's funding model?

The Guardian has chosen not to erect a paywall unlike some of its competitors and instead asks readers to consider making a small donation to fund their journalism. Since doing this, it has made a profit for the first time in 15 years. Arguably this makes The Guardian more accessible and democratises investigative journalism.


Who are the IEA?

The Institute of Economic Affairs. Known as "Margaret Thatcher's favourite thinktank" on account of its support for neoliberal ideas. It has charitable status.


What did Boris Johnson do to help the IEA?

Waived the fees for hosting a policy launch party at the Foreign Office in his official capacity as foreign secretary, saving the IEA £1000s. This is problematic when you look at the IEA's funding sources which are opaque but according to a Greenpeace investigation are mostly American backers who want to lobby for a hard Brexit based on free trade with America and the relaxation of UK standards to meet USA ones... aka: the infamous chlorinated chickens.


When was the Freedom of Information Act passed?

2000. It came in to force in 2005.


Name two successes of the Freedom of Information Act.

1. Revealing the MP's expenses scandal
2. Food Hygiene Ratings- Not the most glamorous topic but food hygiene ratings were previously only request-able by FOI but now the FSA routinely publishes them on their website, showing how the FOI act promotes a general culture of openness and transparency


What did Tony Blair dub 'the biggest mistake of his career'?

Passing the Freedom of Information Act.


Does Micheal Gove like experts?

... No. He disparaged "experts with organisations from acronyms"


How many UK prisons are privately run?



How much does the process of creating internal markets in the NHS cost?

£10billion per year


Identify the benefits of ministerial delegation.

1. Centralised delivery just isn't feasible
2. Sometimes an independent buffer is needed between citizens and the state- eg: the Independent Police Complaints Commission
3. It shelters Ministers from having to make difficult decisions- eg: NICE deciding wether to fund expensive new drugs


'Quango use has fallen'- True or False?

False. The data can be misleading:
* Devolution means that Scottish/Welsh Quangos are not in the statistics anymore
*Many Quangos have simply merged, like the CQC which was created from 3 previous QUANGOs.


Name a 'Quango casualty'.

Professor David Nutt.


Name a scholar who gave a post-colonial critique of the Westminster Model

Blessing Miles Tendi


Give an example which illustrates the problematic nature of FPTP

In the 2015 GE The Conservatives won 50.9% of seats for 36.9% of the vote


How much of the vote went to Labour and the Conservative in the 2019 European Parliamentary Elections?

Just 23%


Give an example of an event which illustrates how they have the potential to limit a Prime Minister

David Cameron and the “I’m afraid there is no money” note from Liam Byrne


Give a quote from AV Dicey which illustrates the sovereignty of Parliament

“No person or body is recognised by the law of England as having the right to override or set aside the will of Parliament”