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Rule 1 - What is the primary responsibility of our Department

Protect the lives of the citizens we are sworn to serve


Rule 1 - What is the policy of the Department in regards to the preservation of human life

1. the use of deadly force will never be condoned as a routine response

2. and police officers will exercise the highest degree of care in the application of such force


Rule 1 - What is the mission of the St. Louis Police Department

Protect, serve and assist citizens when conditions arise that may affect the well-being of the individual or the community.

Officers Will maintain the peace through leadership integrity fairness and service.

Officers will work to prevent and detect crime, protect life, property, and achieve a peaceful society free from the fear of crime and disorder.


Rule 1 - What is the name of our department

Metropolitan Police Department city of St. Louis, Missouri


Rule 1 - Who comprises the police reserve force

Retirees from the SLMPD in good standing


Rule 1 - Who has the power to dismiss probationary police officers without cause

The chief of police


Rule 1 - Who has the power to dismiss police officers only for cause and after hearing

The board of police commissioners


Rule 1 - How many people comprise the board of police commissioners



Rule 1 - Who appoints the board of police commissioners

The governor of Missouri by and with the advice and consent of the Senate


Rule 1 - Who will have sold charge and control of the Metropolitan Police Department with all powers rights and duties prescribed by law

The board


Rule 3 - What does the bureau of community policing consist of

Bureau of community policing – patrol division

Housing authority unit

Nuisance/problem property behavior unit


Rule 3 – What is the mission of the patrol division's

Provide for the systematic patrol of the city for the prevention and suppression of crime


Rule 3 – Who will exercise authority have responsibility over the sergeants and officers of their platoon

The district platoon Cmdr.


Rule 3 – what are the responsibilities of the district Sgt.

Constant vigilance over the officers assigned to his precinct

Responsible for inspecting the officers under his supervision during rollcall to ensure they are properly uniformed and equipped and present an acceptable appearance

Responsible for providing leadership guidance and assistance to his subordinates at all times, constantly observing their duty performance, demeanor and conduct and taking the necessary corrective action when he encounters deficiencies; failure to properly supervise subordinates show because for disciplinary action begins to Sgt.


Rule 5 - Who will investigate abortions performed by an unlicensed person where in the mother dies



Rule 5 – in one instance what homicide perform a joint investigation

Suspicious child deaths with the child abuse section and

accidents where the accident reconstruction team is needed as a result of a police chase


Rule 4 - who will handle the investigation where an homicide officer shoots a suspect

Internal affairs


Rule 5 – what types of calls will sex crimes handle


Sodomy incidents

Attempts of the above crimes and

All incidents involving reckless exposure to the HIV virus


Rule 5 – what calls with the domestic abuse response team or DART unit handle

Serious felony assault's

Order of protection violations


And elder abuse


Rule 5 – what type of calls will bomb and arson handle

All fires, explosives, gas, and aircraft crashes where death occurs


Rule 5 – What unit is responsible for the execution of all the high risk search warrants and hostage situations



Rule 5 – what are the responsibilities of the canine unit

Assist patrol units and respond to crime scenes were tracking, building searches, crowd control issues in the event of an officer in need of aid or the services of a narcotics or bomb sniffing dogs are required


Rule 10 – study it

It pertains to uniform hair etc.