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Name the two types of arrest.

With a warrant- court ordered
Without a warrant- one conditional power of arrest


When can an officer make an arrest (time wise)?

They can make the arrest if they have reasonable suspicion to believe that the person has an involvement in crime. Whether it be after they committed the crime, during they're commuting the crime or before they commit the crime.


List three different reasons why an arrest may be necessary.

1) to prove name
2) to prove address
3) to allow prompt and effective investigation of offence or conduct


What is a caution?

The caution is when the officer reads you your rights before an arrest.


How must the arrest be communicated?

Physically (hand on shoulder) and verbally (with a caution)


What has happened to the right to silence?

It has been eroded: the right still exists however it can be used against you in the court of law