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Which officer is responsible for the person detained at a police station?

The custody officer


What is the custody log?

The custody log is a list of all the actions of the detainees. It tells you where they've been and where they currently are.


What are the three rights of a person detained at a police station?

1) to have someone informed of their arrest
2) to be informed on their legal rights and the right to a free solicitor
3) to be able to consult the code of practice


What is the standard time limit in which someone can be held for?

24 Hours


When can someone be held for 36 hours?

With the authority of the custody officer or the superintendent.


How long can a suspect be held for a longer time and why?

A suspect may be detained for up to 96 hours with a magistrates warrant.


When must reviews be made?

The first review must be after 8 hours after being at the station and then at intervals of 9 hours.


Who is responsible for making reviews?

Th custody officer.


How long of a rest must there be between interviews?

8 hours


What are the rules for body searches?

1) no one from the opposite sex may be present
2) you may only remove half the clothing at a time
3) intimate searches can only be authorised by a senior officer.


Who can take samples?

Intimate samples must be taken by a medical practitioner. Consent doesn't have to be given.


What does s69 say about interviews?

All interviews at a police station must be tape-recorded.