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What is the Act,Section and Code of Practice for arrest?

Section 24 Pace, Code G


Police can arrest WITHOUT A WARRANT if?

a) an individual had committed an offence (past)
b) an individual is in the act of offending (present)
c)an individual is about to commit an offence (future)
d) reasonable grounds to suspect any of the above


List the necessity criteria

- to obtain name and address
-to prevent suspect from disappearing


What did S110 of SOCPA do

Made all offences arrestable


What does Code G state

Police must tell a suspect they are under arrest, the reason the arrest is necessary
Suspect must be cautioned
Can't also use reasonable force


What act and section allows reasonable force

Section 117 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act


What type of arrest did CJ+POA allow

Breach of peace and Breach of bail conditions
Without warrant


How can police get a warrant

By applying to a magistrate
They must have evidence that there has been a crime or reasonable grounds to believe there has been
The offence must be punishable by a custodial sentence