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What are the positive effects on Slough?

Multi - ethnic: Bida restaurant on Farnham Rd/Polski Oaza bar on Farnham Road
Created jobs: Polish speaking classroom assistants, job centre specialists help avoid exploitation
Filled lower skilled jobs: 61% hire for superior skills and hard working attitude
Migrants contribute £4.96 BILLION more than they take out


What are the negative effects on Slough?

Newcomers threaten social cohesion - already 1/3 residents from ethnic minorities
Pressure on schools/healthcare.housing/welfare
Higher costs for Polish speaking classroom assistants = 1 new pupil is £5,500 a year
Still sector shortages - dentists
Benefit Tourism - Poles can claim child benefit, tax credits and housing benefit if they register to work
£24,000 spent on thermal imaging drone


What are the positive effects on Poland?

Send remittances home raising consumer power
Only 22% intend to stay LT so Poland not losing out
Zloty strengthening against weakened £ due to pay differential
Earn 5 times more than in Poland
1 in 5 unemployed in Gdansk
Experience training and experience to then take back to use in Poland
Young in Poland are lonely


What are the negative effects on Poland?

Exploitation from bosses, landlords
15 migrant workers in a single house
Poland divorce rate doubled
Recession so lots moved back to Poland


What encourages the migration?

English 2nd language
Cheap easy flights
bridgeheader communtieis
UK skills shortage in construction and agriculture
Earn 5 times more
Lonely and young in Poland


What is Aik Saath?

An organisation dedicated to keeping the peace between communities from different areas of the world.


What has the large influx of eastern European migrants been balanced by?

Increasing number of people leaving the UK for good - e.g elderly moving to Spain.