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What is the difference between illegal migrants and asylum seekers?

Asylum seekers have the right to be a migrant and seek asylum but if they are declined and still remain a migrant, they are then classed as an illegal migrant.


What are some issues with illegal migrants?

0.5 mil. in the UK
Pay traffickers 1000 - 4000 euros each
Causes bandit killing on Sahara desert route
Lethal fishing boat routes
Deportation after being caught


What is the concern with asylum seekers?

That many of them are actually economic migrants


What migration occurred in 1950?

Black Caribbean economic migrants came to London and the West Midlands


What migration occurred in 1960?

Pakistani & Indian from poorer areas to London, West Midlands


What migration occurred in 1970?

Expulsion of Asians from Uganda
Black African from former colonies
Both to East London


What migration occurred in 1980?

Vietnamese boat refugees


What migration occurred in 1990?

Chinese students from China, Singapore, Malaysia
Balkans conflicts brought Croatians


What migration occurred in 2000?

Iraqi & Somali asylum seekers


What migration occurred in 2010?

EU Open Borders attracted Poles for economic reasons
Schengen agreement implemented


What is the Schengen agreement?

treaty which led to the creation of Europe's borderless Schengen Area.