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Winston Churchill

Churchill's rhetoric was categorized by his wartime speeches during WWII. Churchill's speeches were full of metaphors and rhetorical expressions, such as "Iron Curtain," and "their finest hour." Churchill's speeches were inspiring to the British people, driving them to go to war against the evil Nazi Germany regime.


Ronald Reagan

Reagan's rhetoric was based on his confidence. Exiting the Decade of Woes, in the US, the American population needed someone with a cheery outlook on the future. Reagan's confidence in his speeches galvanized the American people. His brutal assessment of the USSR as the "evil empire," which effectively discarded the detente international policy.


Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln's rhetoric was chalk-full of wisdom and insight. In his famous Gettysburg Address, he replicated Pericles' funeral oration, inspiring the people who had just suffered losses at the hands of their enemies. His quite, soft-spoken words encouraged the people, while also telling them that they were being punished for immorality.