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Who were the gentry?

People who had no title but had status and power based on their wealth


How did the rise of the gentry effect England

More manor houses were developed and fashions began to change


How many theatres were there in England in 1559



What law was passed against actors in 1572 and why

That actors were to be punished as vagabonds as they were immoral people who caused trouble wherever they went


In what year was the first Theatre opened



Name three theatres

The Rose, The Swan and The Globe


How were Elizabethan theatres designed

There was an uncovered circular pit with surrounding covered galleries


Name one famous playwrights

William Shakespeare


Name a famous actor

Richard Burbage


Why did the rich like the theatre?

It was a chance to have an exciting night out – often theatres were built in areas with a bad reputation

They could be entertained but could do so while being separated from the poor


Why did the poor like the theatre

Because it was cheap and they were often built in poor areas so it was close to where they live.


Who disliked the Theatre and why

Puritans – they thought it encourage immoral behaviour


Why did Elizabeth and her government support the theatre after initially disliking it?

London had a population of 200,000 1600 – entertainment kept them occupied and less likely to rebel

A plays content could be policed so that present the Queen and her government in a positive way


Which Play presented the Tudors (including Elizabeth) in a positive way?

Richard III


What was the Great Chain of Being

The idea that everything and everyone had a correct place in the world and that if this was challenged it would lead to chaos


What were 2 causes of Poverty

The population rose by 43% between 1550 and 1600. Things like food and jobs became more difficult to get causing poverty.

Prices went up but wages stayed the same meaning people had less money


Why did poverty become worse in the 1590s?

Because there were poor harvest 1593-97 meaning there was less food and increasing prices.


Why did poverty become a more serious issue in Elizabethan England?

The monasteries had been closed by Henry VIII and this is where most of the poor were looked after meaning there was no one to look after them and nowhere to go.


Which group of poor people were seen to deserve help

The impotent poor - those unable to provide for themselves because they were too young, too old or too ill.


Which group of poor people were seen to be NOT deserving of help

The idle poor- vagabonds, those who were fit to work but chose not to and committed crimes.


How did local government deal with the poor?

In Norwich Alms (money for the poor) was collected and work was provided them in the workhouse (a house where people worked0


What was the Elizabethan Poor law

The governments solution to the problem of poverty


When was the Poor Law passed



How did the Elizabethan Poor Law work

A “poor rate was collected (a tax) and this paid for the workhouse and relief payments for the deserving poor”


How successful was the Poor Law

Success – it helped preserve the social order and there were no rebellions

Less successful – Poverty continued to increase even after the Poor law was introduced