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Two causes of Popish Plot?

- Parl dominated by Anglicans and wanted to make sure no other religion could dominate
- Catholic conspiracies and concern Charles might make country Catholic


Events of Popish Plot? 7

- Kirby tells CII people plotting to kill him and to speak to Israel Tongue
- Tongue told him 100 Jesuits plot to kill him but CII doesn't listen while James orders investigation
- Titus Oates' name keeps on appearing in investigation - appears before Privy council
- Convincing and detailed - 43 allegations made against groups and people
- Protestant MP Godfrey's murdered body discovered. Oates accuses 5 Lords of being involved = mass panic and anti-Catholic feeling
- Oates' story a lie - evidence used forged
- Oates arrested and imprisoned but 22 innocent executed


Four consequences of Popish plot?

- Anti-Catholic feeling
- Led to Test Act = Catholics impossible to serve in positions of authority
- Set off Exclusion Crisis