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popular art

created for a large audience/population


folk art

pottery, painting, metalwork,[10] paper-art, weaving and designing of objects such as jewelry and toys.There is a deep the symbolic meaning that is attached to not only the objects themselves but also the materials and techniques used to produce them


pat painting/scrolls

traditional scroll paining
-artists sings the story that is painted on the scroll



community of artists/performers who have been maing pat scroll paintings for centuries in Bengal



"Picture Maker" many patua painters have the last name of Chitrakar



locality of Kolkata, India. One of the oldest neighbourhoods in South Kolkata, Kalighat is also densely populated and vibrant


Kalighat pot

depicted religious images
-colors: black, red yellow and blue
-strong line (ones stroke for the legs)
-no backgrounds
-show knowledge of 3D objects



-westernized indian man
-made fun of by Kalighat Painters
(female version called "public woman")


The Elokshi scandal / Tarakeshwar scandal

misdeads of Mahant (the head priest)
-his site/shrine to shiva had become popular for worshiping women who were barren
-Elokshi is sent there by her hubby to worship
-Mahant is interested in her, they have affair (against her will)
-husband comes back, she confesses to him and asks for forgiveness
-mahant makes it impossible for them to leave
-hubby (nabin) kills elokshi

Other versions ending:
nabin gets mad at elokshi, kills her

2 images associated with this version: "After the First Blow" and "Nabin kills Elokshi"



head priest of the Elokshi scandals
-was the priest for a shrine to Shiva
-his site had become popular site for worhsip for barren women


Bengal Famine of 1943

started due to natural disasters, continued by government deviance causing a shortage of food
-japanese were taking over during ww2, so british did "scorched earth policy" and fucked up Bengal

art during this time depicted events of this, tried to communicate the message
photography had big influence

2 most popular artists: Zainul Abedin and Chittaprosad



A seaport in southeastern Bangladesh
-An ancient and historic gateway to Bengal


Amar Chitra Katha

"immortal picture stories" comic book series
-founded by Anant Pai in 1967 (ppl call him uncle pai)
-stories of the Ramayana
-in english mostly



Government run television network in india
-had the tv show Ramayana
-tv show was a huge ass deal



movement that pushed to make india a Hindu nation
-BJP: hindu nationalist party, they did the Rath Yatra: taking the journey Ram took to Ayodhya, lead to riots



ancient city of India, birthplace of the Lord Vishnu Hindu avatar Rama, and setting of the epic Ramayana


Babri Masjid

Mosque of Babur


Sita Sings the Blues

-Nina Paley (her film) did all the animation
-orienting itself on a sympathetic perspective towards Sita (the film is "a tale of truth, justice and a womans cry for equal treatment.")

-prince Rama is exiled from his father's court
-sita goes with him
-Ravana (the evil dude) hears of Sita's beauty and determines to kidnap her
-He sends a golden hind past them to distract Rama, who tries hunting the hind into the woods.
-Ravana abducts Sita and demands that she submit to him on pain of death.
-Sita refuses to entertain the idea;
-monkey prince Hanuman & Rama discover Sita's location and bring the monkey army to assist in her rescue.
-Ravana is slain and Sita restored to her husband, he expresses serious doubts concerning her fidelity during her confinement.
- She submits to a trial by fire, a test of her purity; upon throwing herself into the flames, she is immediately rescued by the gods, who all proclaim her devotion and fidelity.
-She accompanies Rama back to the palace, and soon falls pregnant
-ram thinks she fucked ravana, so he orders Lakshman to abandon Sita in the forest.
- she gives birth to her sons and raises them to love and praise their absent father in the forest
-Rama overhears their hymns of adoration to their father and locates their dwelling.
-Distressed and disappointed by her reunion with Rama, Sita prays to the earth to swallow her as final proof of her purity and devotion and the prayer is duly answered

side story:
-a woman named Nina, whose longtime boyfriend, Dave, takes a job in India and eventually breaks her heart. This is a stripped-down, modernized variation on what happens to Sita,