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What is the quadrangular space?

teres major
teres minor
long head of triceps
surgical neck of the humerus


What comes through the quadrangular space?

terminal branches of:
circumflex humeral artery & vein
axillary nerve endings to teres minor and deltoids


What does injury of the surgical neck of the humerus may result in?

injury to the axillary nerve


What is the triangular space?

teres minor
teres major
long head of triceps


What is inside of the triangular space?

circumflex scapular artery
medial to quadrangular space


What is the triangular interval?

long head of triceps
teres major


What is inside the triangular interval?

deep brachial artery


What is SLAP lesion of the shoulder?

Superior Labrum Anterior to Posterior
upper labrum is torn away from the glenoid fossa


How is SLAP lesion of the shoulder caused?

too much force going over the long head of the biceps brachii
this causes it to be torn away from the supraglenoid attachment tearing some of the labrum from the supraglenoid fossa as well


What is the scapular foramen?

the sub scapular notch enclosed by the scapular ligament


What passes on through the scapular foramen and on top?

suprascapular nerve pass through the foramen
suprascapular artery and vein passes superior to the foramen
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