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When an internal leak in the fuel / oil heat exchanger occurs, what could happen?

The fuel can enter the oil system, indicated by an increasing oil quantity.


During start, what doesnt the EEC monitor?

N1 rotation and oil pressure.


What does the start light on the start switch indicate?

That the start valve has opened.


What happens in autostart mode and in manual mode when the fuel control switch is moved to run.

1) Spar valve and engine fuel valves open.
2) Start valve opened by EEC
3) Engine start light on (start valve has opened)
4) Starter runs
5) N2 rotor start turning

Manual start:
When N2 reaches the magenta fuel on indicator
1) Fuel on indicator
2) Fuel valves open
3) Ignition on
4) Engine accelerates.


Why do the engines remain in approach idle mode for 5 seconds. What is the reason?

To improve TR operation.


What is a wet start and what does the EEC do ?

EEC detects no lightup within 20sec.
1) Fuel and ignition to cutoff
2) 30 sec motoring
3) Two start attempts with both ignitors.


When is the inflight starter envelope displayed on primary EICAS?

In flight when the fuel control switch is in cutoff and the engine fire switch is not pulled.


How many ignitors does the EEC use for engine starts in flight?

Two ignitors.


What does the crew have to react to during inflight engine start?

Hot starts


During a multiple engine flameout, why is switching the fuel control to cutoff then run required?

Resets the EEC.


If EEC in manual, what corrections must be done manually?

1) Ambient
2) Bleed requirements.


When is approach idle selected by the EEC?

1) NAi On
2) CON Iginition on
3) Landing flaps
4) Reverse thrust