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What is the function of the fuel flow limiting valve?

Prevents unwanted fuel transfer by unequal pump pressure.
Allows intended crossfeed.


Which pumps can act as jettison pumps?

All the overide and transfer/jettison pumps


Where and to does the main tank transfer valves allow fuel transfer?

From the main tank 4, and 3 to tank 1 and 2.


How is th fuel usage after engine start?

All engines by center wing tank pumps/


How is CWT fuel scavanged, and when does it happen?

Scavanged by 4 jet pumps.
When main tank 2 and 3 about 27,200 fuel is pumped from the center wing tanks to main tanks 2 and 3.


When do the reserve tank transfer valves open automatically.

When fuel in main tanks 2 and 3 is approximately 18t.


When is the FUEL IMBAL 2-3 light illuminated?

When imbalance between tanks 2, and 3 is 2,720kg or more.


When is the FUEL IMBAL 1, 4 light illuminated?

When imbalance between tanks 1 and 4 is 1,360Kg or more. AOM procedure should be used.


What can be done to increase fuel temperature?

change to a flight level with a warmer temperature and/or Increase mach number, and or


TANK/ENG light on. What is the correct procedure?

All OVRD pumps off, X-FEED valves 1, and 4 closed.


Can fuel be jettisoned out of the crossfeed manifold?