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What is the PPC Purpose?

PPC Purpose

  • Provides control, monitoring and alarm capabilities during normal and emergency plant conditions.
  • Normal output for the Incore detectors as well as the Incore alarm function
  • Provides the PIP indication channel and the SPI position indication channel.
  • Provides the Control Rod Group Sequence Control, and the Control Rod Out‑of‑Sequence and Power Dependent Insertion Limit alarm functions
  • Operator’s interface for performing the Heat Balance Calculations and Control Rod Drop Timing Tests.
  • Operator’s interface for monitoring plant parameters


What is the UPS Design?

UPS Design

  • Provide reliable power (at nominal 120V AC and 125V DC levels) to its supplied load
  • Includes battery chargers, distribution panels, a backup battery, inverters, standby power transformers, manual and automatic transfer switches,
  • Non-Class 1E


What are the UPS Loads/AC Supplies?

UPS Loads

  • Divided between 120 VAC panels Y02 and Y03.  

UPS A/C Supplies


  • MCC-3/4 to L-03/04 to D206/207 to Y-210/220


  • Battery




When does the UPS Auto Swap?

UPS Auto Swap

At 105 VDC on Battery, auto swaps to MCC-3 or 4.



Group 11, Page 1 allows you to monitor what points?

  • PT0205  Volume Cntrl Tnk T-54 Pressure
  • LTC0205 Volume Cntrl Tnk Level
  • T_REF Temp Reference for T-ave
  • TAVG Average Temp Hot & Cold Legs
  • HB_PWR_STEADY Heat Balance Power Steady State
  • HB_PWR_2HR HB Power - Rolling 2 Hr Avg



Group 11 Page 2 allows you to monitor what points?

  • LT0382 Containment Sump Water Level
  • PT-0764 Condenser Vacuum Wide Range
  • FT-0212 Charging Line Flow
  • FT-0202 Primary Coolant Letdown Flow
  • LPRZC Prz Lvl Compensated
  • PZRBE Pressurizer Press Best Est


Group 11, Page 3 allows you to monitor what points?

  • ASI_AVERAGE  Average of ASI_NI5....ASI_NI8
  • TIA-0925D  Spent Fuel Pool Temp
  • RIA-0631  Off Gas Monitoring
  • RI-0707  Stm Gen Blowdown Rad Monitor
  • RIA-2324 Stm Gen A Gamma RIA 2324
  • RIA-2323 Stm Gen B Gamma RIA2323


Group 11, Page 4 allows you to monitor what points?

  • FT-0701  Feed Flow to Steam Gen E-50A
  • FT-0703  Feed Flow to Steam Gen E-50B
  • FT-0702 Stm Flow from Stm Gen E-50A
  • FT-0704 Stm Flow from Stm Gen E-50B
  • LSGABE  Stm Gen A Lvl Best Estimate
  • LSGBBE Stm Gen B Lvl Best Estimate


Group 11, Page 5 allows you to monitor what points?

  • LT-0729  Condenser Hotwell Level
  • LT-2021  Cndnsate Storage Tank Level
  • PT-0580  Main Turbine Steam Inlet Press
  • TT-0706A  Heater E6A Outlet Temp
  • PT-0751B  Steam Gen E-50A Pressure
  • PT-0752B  Steam Gen E-50B Pressure


What points can be monitored on Group 29, Page 7?

  • PT-1812A  Containment WR Press 1812A
  • PT-1805A  Containment WR Press 1805A
  • RI-1805  Cnmt Radiation Iso RI1805
  • RI-1806  Cnmt Radiation Iso RI1806
  • RI-1807  Cnmt Radiation Iso RI1807
  • RI-1808  Cnmt Radiation Iso RI1808


What can be monitored on Group 29, Page 8?

  • RIA-0631  Off-Gas Monitoring
  • EP-1057  Pressurizer Spray Valve 1057
  • EP-1059  Pressurizer Spray Valve 1059
  • ZH2155 PMW Makeup Cntrl Vlves
  • PZRBE Pressurizer Pressure Best Est


What can be monitored on Group 29, Page 6?

  • LT-0702_D  Stm Gen E-50A Level
  • LT-0704_D Stm Gen E-50B Level
  • PT-0751B  Stm Gen E-50A Press
  • PT-0752  Stm Gen E-50B Press
  • RIA-2323  Stm Gen B Gamma RIA2323
  • RIA-2324  Stm Gen A Gamma RIA2324