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What s organismic biology?

Scientific discipline directed at the study of plant and animal diversity.


What is ecology

How animals live, function, reproduce, and interact with their environment.


Evolutionary biology

Systematic relationships among animal groups and origins of diversity.


How are relationships expressed..... Define this term?

In a phylogeny or cladogram, a branching diagram that reconstructs the history of a group of organisms.


On a phylogeny define basal, extant, and derived?

Extant= living today, Basal= primitive, derived= advanced or more recent (gain or loss of character)


How many species are there?

30-100 million, 5% are known to science


What are the 5 major extinction events? (Last 600 my years)

Permian/Triassic= 245 my years ago, Cretaceous/tertiary = 66My years ago, and current biodiversity crisis caused by human activity= accelerated extinction rates in birds\ mammals at 100-1000x greater than background rates.


What will the anthropocene period include?

Novel ecosystems and emerging diseases under new environmental conditions.


Species provide the ----upon which human society depends.

Organisms contain the -----for all life processes on earth.
Species have ---- in human culture.

What do plants and animals provide?

-ecosystem goods and services
-genetic information
-intrinsic value

Plants provide water quality, storage, and products.
Animals provide food, pollination, and seed dispersal.


Why diversity is better?

Efficient resource use or nutrient loss reduction, and diversity means stability.


Explain the process of the hypothetico deductive methods.

Knowledge of natural phenomena leads to development of hypothesis leads to development of theory.