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(Fill in the blank) In his work on defining the need for a space delivery project, Hector uses the _________ approach, which focuses on the real estate function of the space.

a. needs-based
b. reality-based
c. inside-out
d. outside-in

d. outside-in


(Fill in the blank) The facility manager notices that the employee population at the site has been dropping. This tends to _________ the facility management workload.

a. increase
b. decrease
c. have no effect on
d. first increase, then decrease

a. increase


(Fill in the blank) William is curious to know the _________ of the asset, defined as the time an asset takes to decline from maximum value to no value.

a. asset value
b. depreciation schedule
c. predicted economic life
d. variable expense sheet

c. predicted economic life


As a facility manager, Enrique has responsibilities such s benchmarking, management of audits, and evaluating the effectiveness of service. What kind of function do these responsibilities represent?

a. communication
b. finance
c. quality assessment
d. general administrative support

c. quality assessment


Jerry is responsible for the organization, direction and coordination of tasks accomplished to fulfill a chosen facilities strategy. This describes:

a. project cycling.
b. strategic planning.
c. project management.
d. facilities management.

c. project management


Being designated the project manager, Corinne's primary role is to:

a. lead and coordinate the project.
b. assign all project work tasks.
c. obtain and disperse project funds.
d. report progress to government agencies.

a. lead and coordinate the project.


If Annie is to maintain positive control of the project budget, which of the following would be considered a necessary consideration?

a. once the budget is approved, it remains flexible.
b. recognize project costs when they are paid, not when they are committed
c. compare actual expenditures against commitments.
d. forecast of actual versus projected expenditures at project initiation.

c. compare actual expenditures against commitments.


In setting up a contingency fund for the project, a junior member of the team asks the project manager why such funds might be used. Which of the following would not be a reason to use a contingency fund?

a. underestimating the preliminary project budget
b. assigning only credentialed staff to work on the project.
c. change orders caused by unknown field conditions found during demolition.
d. improperly specified items that must be returned, resulting in restocking charges.

b. assigning only credentialed staff to work on the project.


Erik will soon be working on his department's space delivery project. This kind of project begins with:

a. defining the need.
b. planning the solution
c. acquiring the space.
d. designing the space.

a. defining the need.


Rudolph explained to his guest visiting the company that the level of service considered basic of standard in a corporate-owned facility is often:

a. subject to local code.
b. implied by custom or tradition.
c. specified in the lease agreement.
d. subject to month-to-month variation.

b. implied by custom or tradition.


Since she manages corporate-owned facilities, Judy should base the level of needed security primarily on:

a. police suggestions.
b. expected problems.
c. customer satisfaction.
d. business requirements.

d. business requirements.


As Bryant will be overseeing the creation of the facility management database, he has input on what information will be included. Typically, such databases include all of the following detailed information about the business except its:

a. people
b. operations
c. history
d. competition

d. competition


(Fill in the Blank) The facility manager is happy with the space planning software because it allows her to create a __________ by using the computer.

a. budget
b. drawing
c. prospectus
d. spreadsheet

b. drawing


In Rachael's organization, there is a row of management offices, each of which has its own style of furniture, carpet color, and wall finishes. This arrangement indicates:

a. centralized management
b. deferred maintenance.
c. independent thinking.
d. harsh regimentation.

c. independent thinking.


(Fill in the blank) Noreen needs to measure ___________. So she will look at the organization's timelines measured against preset priorities and by customer ratings.

a. expertise
b. efficiency
c. effectiveness
d. responsiveness

d. responsiveness


If Katrina is a typical facility manager, then she will devote the greatest proportion of her management attention to:

a. implementation.
b. strategic planning.
c. feedback and evaluation.
d. operations, maintenance, and service delivery.

a. implementation.


(Fill in the blank) Fran's company has taken a(n) __________ approach in which the cost of providing services is bid on by both the in-house facility department and by outsourced companies.

a. leasing
b. customer orientation
c. entrepreneurial
d. partnering

c. entrepreneurial


Yvonne has come up with what can accurately be characterized as a robust solution to the problem. As such, the solution:

a. cannot be verbalized.
b. is intolerant of trial and error.
c. depends on a high degree of control.
d. is flexible to accommodate unforeseen charges.

d. is flexible to accommodate unforeseen charges.


The work that Fred performs involves the execution of plans, coordination of activities and resources, and day-to-day operations. This is all part of:

a. ethics
b. leadership
c. management
d. facilitation

c. management


Liz wants to maximize her staff's performance. She can do this by all of the following methods except:

a. writing a good job description
b. using clear communication methods.
c. emphasizing the corporate mission statement.
d. performing periodic and systematic appraisals.

c. emphasizing the corporate mission statement.


Since Jerry wants the tenant build-out work done right, the best qualified person or group to perform the work is:

a. the building owner.
b. the facility manager.
c. a general contractor.
d. space planning/interior design firm.

d. space planning/interior design firm.


Mahmoud, a contractor, wishes to take advantage of the least risky contractual arrangement. Which type of arrangement would that be?

a. firm fixed price
b. fixed price incentive
c. fixed price level of effort
d. fixed price with redetermination

c. fixed price level of effort


(Fill in the blank) Phil purchased paint to use in the overall building renovation project. This paint is an example of a(n) ___________ expense.

a. capital
b. equity
c. leased
d. operating

a. capital


24. Bill and Frank have started a business together, which is currently in the start-up phase in its evolution. They should therefore expect there to be:

a. low risk and a negative cash flow.
b. low risk and a positive cash flow.
c. high risk and a negative cash flow.
d. high risk and a positive cash flow.

c. high risk and a negative cash flow.


Caroline is gauging the financial performance of an investment based on the total money invested. This is characteristic of:

a. ROA.
b. ROC.
c. ROE.
d. ROI.

d. ROI.


(Fill in the blank) Facility management budgets should be based on ___________ and on the action plans devised to carry out business objectives.

a. corporate business plans
b. design-intent drawings
c. building schematics
d. similar building budgets

a. corporate business plans


The experienced facility manager admitted to his friend that facility budgets are more challenging than budgets of other departments because facility budgets:

a. have fragmented costs among several cost centers.
b. have different GAAP guidelines.
c. cannot easily be reconciled.
d. are the most costly.

a. have fragmented costs among several cost centers.


(Fill in the blank) Joanne is reviewing the company's attributable costs. These costs are know as ___________ costs.

a. deductible
b. negotiated
c. pass-through
d. standardized

c. pass-through


The facility manager would like to accommodate reorganizations and reduce the cost of churn. To do this, he is best advised to:

a. move people, not furniture.
b. clarify standards.
c. make walls temporary.
d. enforce standards.

a. move people, not furniture.


Ginger works for a large automotive corporation that has a great deal of money invested in its expensive capital and fixed equipment. Its likely preferred method of occupancy is:

a. leasing.
b. offshoring.
c. ownership.
d. rotation.

c. ownership.