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Hair-grooming syncope may be related to

Vasovagal syncope, so treat by increasing fluids and salt intake


What kind of diagnostic evaluation is needed for situational syncope?

None typically


What is cataplexy?

Sudden emotions such as fright or laughter cause a collapse of the body. Consciousness preserved!


Patients with measles are contagious from ___ days before and __ days after onset of the RASH

4 days before and 4 days after the rash


For infants <6mo old who are exposed to measles, what do you do?

Give post exposure prophylaxis of immune globulin within 6 days of exposure


When can MMR safely be given?

6mo and older


When is MMR protective in PEP of measles exposure?

If given within 72 hours of exposure


Large volume of stool explodes out with finger insertion in neonate =

Hirschsprung Disease


Very tight sphincter with stool in rectal vault and no explosive burst with removal of finger is likely due to

anal stenosis


Bioequivalence =

Medications that have a similar rate and extent of absorption


Number of CGG trinucleotide repeats to diagnose Fragiel X =

Also abnormal methylation
Dx with FMR1 molecular analysis


What are some genetic disorders that are characterized by the phenomenon of anticipation?

Fragile X, Huntingtons, and Myotonic Dystrophy


The first line test for intellectual disability, GDD, or multiple congenital anomalies without a cause is

Chromosomal microarray!


Puncture wound through a tennis shoe? What bug?

Pseudomonas, treat with flouroquinolone


<3 tetanus toxoid doses in the past and a clean minor wound? What does patient need?

DTap, Tdap, or Td

NO TIG NEEDED if clean wound


If wound is clean, is Tetanus immunoglobulin needed?

No! Only give TIG if patient has had <3 tetanus toxoid doses AND it's a dirty wound


For a clean wound and patient has received >3 doses of tetanus toxoid, do they need more immunization?

Only if it's been >10 years since last dose of tetanus-containing vaccine (if clean wound only!)


For a dirty wound and patient has received >3 doses of tetanus toxoid, do they need more immunization?

Yes if it's been >5 years since last dose of tetanus containing vaccine!

Basically if the wound is dirty they need the vaccine 5 years more recently


What effects do beta blockers have on potassium and glucose?

HYPERkalemia and HYPOglycemia


If a rapid flu test if negative but clinical suspicion is still high, what do you do?

Molecular assay
Don't wait on results to start treatment


Acute HBV infection is characterized by the presence of

Hepatitis B surface antigen WITHOUT antibodies to HBAg AND the presence of IgM to hepatitis B core antigen

with or without HBeAg


Individuals with resolved HBV infection will show

antibody to HBsAg