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What are the requirements of a motion in Florida?

1.Must be in writing,
2.Must be served on the opposing party,
3.Must be electronically filed


What are the 4 major pretrial motions?

1. Motion to dismiss,
2. Motion to suppress,
3. Motion to take deposition to perpetuate testimony, and
4. Demand for a speedy trial


A motion to take a deposition to perpetuate testimony must be filed at least _______ days before trial.



To be timely, when must a motion to dismiss be filed?

At or before defendant's arraignment


Motion to change venue must be filed at least _____________ days before trial unless good cause is shown for failure to file earlier.



Motions must be in writing and accompanied by:

1. The affidavits of the movant (usually the D) and two or more persons setting forth the facts on which the motion is based, and
2. A certificate by the movant's counsel that the motion is made in good faith.


What happens to a case when one of multiple defendants request a change of venue but it is not suitable for all of them?

The case is severed