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The prosecution is obliged to make certain specified disclosures with 15 days of Defendant’s filing of the Notice of Discovery. Within _______days of receiving information from the prosecution, the defendant must turn over the names of witnesses and any statements obtained _____________________.

15 ; for use at trial


Upon demand of the prosecution, a defendant must file notice of his intent to use an alibi defense together with a witness list at least ________ days before trial. In that case, the state must provide rebuttal witnesses at least ______ days before trial.

10 ; 5


What are the 3 C's a court may impose for non-compliance during discovery?

1. Comply
2. Continuance
3. Contempt


What are the 4 defenses a D can assert?

1. Alibi
2. Competence
3. Insanity
4. Other mental health issues