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3 things to consider for health disparities?

SES, cultural background and health-care professional biases


Differences in incidence, prevalence, mortality and burden of diseases that exist among specific population groups.

Health disparities. Gaps include quality of health, presence of disease, access (includes language and culture) and health outcomes.


Populations at risk for health disparities in the US

African Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans and Latinos have higher incidence of CVD, HIV, infant mortality DM, cancer. Lower rates of immunizations and screening.


International SES

Social determinants of health


Key disparities in the US

Mortality, infant mortality (really high for AAs due to obesity), life expectancy and morbidity (DM in NAs, cancer in AAs, HIV in AAs)


3 principles of action for health inequalities

1) Improve conditions of daily life 2) Take inequitable distribution of money/resources 3) Raise awareness of the social determinants of health


Solutions to increase access to care

Increase insured, educate at-risk populations, cultural sensitivity training, pipeline programs (bring in more AA doctors)