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This procedure provides officers with the guidelines necessary for the safe carrying and handling of approved __________and __________weapons. The procedure also sets guidelines for the types of authorized weapons, ammunition, and holsters officers may carry, and provides for the approval or non-approval of all authorized weapons.

 firearms and intermediate


While on-duty,  No more than _____ handguns may be carried by on-duty officers.



Officers must have their handguns, shoulder weapons and intermediate weapons registered with the _____________ __________ _________ _______.

 Firearms Proficiency Control Officer (FPCO).


Department-issued rifles and shotguns are assigned to the duty station the officer works. Whenever an officer is promoted or transfers from their duty station, the City rifle or shotgun shall be returned to the Department ________ for an inventory check and inspection.



Firearms are not loaded or unloaded in any police facility except for _______, _____, _______, _________, or processing as evidence by Crime Scene Unit investigators, or under the supervision of Training Academy Range Staff.

maintenance, repair, cleaning, inspection,