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Skincerity is the worlds' only:

Breathable Barrier


What two companies tried to buy the patented rights to Skincerity?

Proactive and L'oreal


How many skin conditions can skincerity help with?



What are the top six skin conditions that Skincerity is typically used for?

Acne, Psoriasis, Stretch Marks, Scars, Eczema, Rosacea


How does Skincerity trick the body?

When the product flash dries it mimics a second layer of skin which tricks the body, allows the body to heal from the inside out which speeds up healing. The polymer acts as this top layer


Why does Skincerity's technology work?

The body is always wanting to heal itself, therefore by giving the skin the right environment to heal from the inside out


We don't ever claim to:

Cure or treat. The technology lets the body heal from the inside out


What are the two active ingredients?

Grapeseed Oil and Vitamin E, both antioxidants known to heal scars and stretchmarks


Why is Acetone the first ingredient?

It is there to cleanse the skin from bacteria and allows the solution to flattery, which when evaporating creates the breathable holes. Therefore the acetone is not absorbed! It evaporates before it can be absorbed into the skin


Is this the same acetone found in nail polish?

No, this is a pharmaceutical grade acetone. Besides, the acetone in nail polish isn't what's harmful, it's what it's blended with that makes it harmful


What is the key to the breathable mask?



Who is the creator of Skincerity?

Philis, who was at the time, working as a clinical nurse


Who are the founders of Nucerity?

Lonnie Mckinney, David Dillingham, Richard Jaenicke


Skincerity was originally

a polymer mask she created for clinical use. Skincerity was an accident.


The original ingredients of Skincerity included

antibiotics: originally used to keep topical ointments on and for patients with really bad bed sores


How many grants did Skincerity receive? From who?

Philis received 3 separate grants from the National Institute of Health for millions of dollars each - that's a huge deal in the clinical nursing community.


What happened when Philis got into a car accident?

She broke her arm and got a really nasty scar from it. Her doctor said to find something with vitamin e in it, which should help with the scarring. She decided to make her own bottle of the polymer mask but replace the antibiotics with vitamin e and grapes oil.


What happened to Philis's scar?

The scar disappeared by the time she went back and the doctor couldn't tell which arm they fixed. When she went to show her friends, they pointed out that the one arm she rolled looked a lot younger than the other arm


What happened at the medical trade show?

Our founder found it, they owned a dermatology practice. They ended up doing their research, paired up and put their rights to it. Philis is still a big part of the company.


What happened with our founders started selling Skincerity at their clinic?

Being that they were the biggest shooters of botox in the Southern USA, Skincerity cut their botox patients in half


Why did they pick network marketing?

Already very successful business men and engineers. Have owned many other companies before such as "Slick 50" which was an engine oil additive. Realized they weren't in control of their product when Walmart wanted to cut their prices. They eventually sold the company to Quaker State for millions. One's a billionaire, two are millionaires. They're all set for life but this company is their way of giving back, hence network marketing


What percentage of profit goes back to the distributors?

55%. Most other companies give back low forties


For how many years was skincerity the only product?

2-3 years


Skincerity Renew is the same technology except...

they've taken out the grapeseed oil and vitamin E, replaced with anti-aging ingredients


What are the two new ingredients in Skincerity Renew?

Capric/Caprylic Triglyceride and Geranylgeranyl Isopropanol


What is Capric/Caprylic Triglyceride

derived from coconut oil and glycerin. It is a mix of fatty acids that the skin can use to repair, moisturize, THICKEN and replenish skin (plant sugars)


Geranylgeranyl Isopropanol is...

mixture of cellular protein building blocks and alcohol that helps combat oxidative stress and damage to telomeres


What part of your body ages the most?

Your hands because the skin is so thin


A telomere protectant is...

On the ends of your chromosomes there's caps called telomeres. Geranylgeranyl Isopropanol protects these telomeres. Slows down the breakdown of telomeres


How to we look older (in terms of telomeres)

Every time the cell divides, chromosomes get shorted and the cells die


The discovery of telomeres happened in what year

2009, won a nobel prize. We've been testing ever since since learning it can be protected


When they were testing the product they let one of the distributors use it. What happened?

She couldn't get another bottle because it was just a trial, tried to find a different product that has telomere protectant but the cheapest she could find was $400


Rejuvinating Barrier is for

Daytime protectant


Main ingredient in Rejuvinating Barrier is

Luteine - what protects against certain types of lighting


RB is great for:

makeup primer and anti-aging because of blocking out lighting. Stops makeup from soaking in the skin. Really great for Psoriasis or eczema in hair, aftershave for men as it stops ingrown hairs and burn


What is great for diaper rash?



All products have what kind of base?



Exfoliator doesn't have any

Salts, scrubs, microbeads


What are now banned in the USA



AE goes on like a gel and then

once you rub it in, the product balls up dead skin cells


How many vitamins and minerals are in Advanced Exfoliator?

over 69, all plant based ingredients


AE is really great for acne because it contains

Kelp which is a great antimicrobial


All ingredients in Nucerity are...

plant based!


Eye effects 3 is called this because it targets

3 problem areas, fine lines, puffiness, dark circles.


Eye Effects 3 is the only product that...

does ALL 3! Other products only target two


What have our founders said about Eye Effects 3?

They could launch a whole new company just based on the results of the Eye Effects 3