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What are some characteristics of therapeutic relationships?

-Responsibility is the nurses
-There's a specific purpose
-Termination occurs
-Focused on client
-no choice of who is in the relationship
- self disclosure is minimal
-understanding should always be put into words


Define therapeutic relationships

When a nurse and client join together for a defined period of time, to achieve a health related treatment goal


Name the 8 Foundations of a therapeutic relationship.

1. Respect
2. Caring
3. Empowerment
4. Trust
5. Empathy
6. Mutuality
7. Veracity
8. Confidentiality


What are the 4 phases of therapeutic relationships?

1. Pre-interaction Phase; prep and plan
2. Orientation Phase; Clarify purpose, assess and communicate goals
3. Working Phase: Define problem and develop realistic goals
4. Termination Phase; Conclude and refer


What are some therapeutic uses of self?

- Presence
- Authenticity
- Self awareness


What are some barriers that may inhibit therapeutic relationships?

- Lack of; caring, support, appropriate resource use, confidentiality, trust
- Stereotyping or bias
- Lack of personal space


Define Professional boundaries

Professional boundaries are structure set in place by legal, moral, and professional standards of nurses that respect rights of both the client and nurse.


What is structure set in place by legal, moral, and professional standards of nurses that respect rights of both the client and nurse?

Professional boundaries


What are 9 key assumptions of communication

1. Impossible not to communicate
2. Every communication has a content and relationship aspect (metacommunication)
3. We only know about ourselves and others through our communication
4. Faulty communication results in flawed feelings or actions
5. feedback is the only way we know our perceptions or feelings are valid
6. silence is a form of communication
7. all parts of communication systems are interrelated
8. Intercommunication process is either systematic or complementary
9 all forms of communication are equally important to interpret message


What does symmetric communication refer to?

a linear model


What does a linear model of communication look like?

a linear model


What is a circular transactional model of communication?

sender>message>receiver>clarifies message back to sender


What is complimentry communication?

there is a verification from sender to receiver that the message was received accurately;
CIRCULAR transactional model


What are 2 main factor that effect communication?

What you say...(appropriate vocab, clarity, & brevity)
How you say it.. (denotive and connective meaning, pace, pitch, tone, timing, and relevance)


What are some non-verbal factors of communication?

-personal appearance
-posture and gait (how you work)
- facial expressions
- eye contact
- gestures and touch
- sounds
- territoriality and personal space


What are some contextual factors of communication?

- Physical and emotional factors (accute or chronic physical or emotional illness)
- Developmental factors ( age and intellect)
- Social-cultural factors
- gender


What are 4 characteristics of therapeutic communication?

- client centered
- goal directed
- rules and boundaries
- individualized strategies


What is active listening according to potter and perry?

Active listening means to be attentive to what the client is saying both verbally and non-verbally.


What does SOLER stand for?

SOLER is a means of active listening:
Sit facing the client
Observe an open posture
Lean toward the client
Establish and maintain eye content


List some listening response techniques in therapeutic communication?

- minimal cues and leads
- clarifying
- restatement
- paraphrasing
- reflections
- summarization
- silence
- touch


What are 4 types of therapeutic questioning techniques?

1. open ended questions
2. closed ended questions
3. focused questions (require more than yes or no, and focus on a specific issue)
4. Circular questions ( focus on interpersonal context of illness)


List some therapeutic verbal responses.

- using simple understandable language
- focussing
- presenting reality
- giving feedback
- asking for validation
- humour


Denotive means.

to indicate; to signify directly



Refers to all factors that effect how a message is received


What are 5 points that RNAO mass in there best practice guidelines for therapeutic relationships?

- Must acquire knowledge
- Must have a reflective practice
- Must understand the process of a therapeutic relationship in order to understand what phase they are in
- partnering with client as experts in their own lives
- providing structured decision support


What are 3 points that CNO make in their professional standards on therapeutic relationships?

- Must maintain respectful, collaberative, therapeutic and professional relationships
- Professional relationships are based on trust and respect and result in improved client care
- Indicators for each identified


What is part of the pre-interaction phase of a therapeutic relationship?

Creating s psychological and physical environment in preparation to meet client.
Need skills in planning and self awareness
Activities include planning and self awareness


What is part of the orientation phase of a therapeutic relationship?

This phase clarifies purpose of relationship, assesses client needs, participant observation, communication strategies and goal setting
Need to negotiate relationship, and explore understanding
Skills include; active listening, attending, open ended questions, verbal cues and prompts


What is involved with the working phase of a therapeutic relationship?

This phase defines the problem, pacing, developing realistic expectations, implementing a plan and challenging resistant behaviour
- Need to set goals and action plan, and help client change behaviour, feeling or perceptions
- Skills involve attending, listening, giving info, supporting, and self disclosure


What is involved in the termination phase of therapeutic relationships?

The nursing interventions and behavioural responses occuring at the closure of a therapeutic relationship
- Activities include ending relationship and referring to other resources
- Skills include giving information and supporting